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Global settings:

Changing this settings will have an impact on all users

  1. Display TouchUI settings when TouchUI is inactive.
    This option will display an icon on the normal interface of OctoPrint where you can access the TouchUI Settings defined below under 'User settings' (i.e. disable or enable TouchUI)

  2. Start TouchUI automatically onload based on resolution or touch device.
    TouchUI will automatically load itself when it has detected an device with a browser width smaller than 980 pixels or if you are browsing with a device that has the Touch API enabled. When this criteria hasn't met, TouchUI will remain inactive and the normal OctoPrint interface will load.

  3. Enable customization.
    In v0.3.0 you're free to customize the layout of TouchUI, you can pick a new color with the colorpicker, but you can also include your own LESS file, where you can overwrite the variables used in the LESS files of TouchUI.

User settings:

All user settings are stored client side in localstorage or in a cookie and will only affect that client.

  1. Toggle TouchUI
    This would enable or disable the TouchUI interface.

  2. Toggle Virtual Keyboard:
    The virtual keyboard is automatically enabled for users that have enabled TouchUI but are not browsing with a touch device, however if the user still has a keyboard attached, then they can disable the virtual keyboard.

  3. Toggle Hide navigation bar:
    Disabled by default for everyone, however if you would like to hide the main icons when clicking on a tab and jumpt straight to the content. Then feel free to enable this!

  4. Toggle fullscreen:
    This is an easy way to enable or disable the fullscreen mode of TouchUI. Might be very useful when you're using a touchscreen without a keyboard. Or if you would like to hide the navigation bar of the Anroid browser.

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