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Welcome to the Ridables wiki!

Ridables allows you to ride mobs with full WASD controls. Some mobs even have special abilities you can use, such as ghasts shooting fireballs, creepers exploding, evokers casting spells, and many others.


These instructions are for v2. The v3 instructions are very similar but different enough for a new wiki which is being worked on. See me in Discord if you have any questions.

  • Download and put the Ridables.jar file into your plugins folder and restart your server.
  • Edit config.yml to enable any mobs you wish to be ridable, along with any other setting changes you prefer.
  • Give players any permission nodes you want them to have. See the Mobs list for details.
  • Restart your server for changes to take effect.

PS: There is a /ridables reload command, but to enable/disable mobs requires a full server restart.

PPS: For the love of all that is good, never ever EVER reload the plugin with the /reload command or anything like PlugMan. You have been warned ^_^


Keyboard/Mouse Keybinds

  • W A S D - movement keys (forward, strafe left, strafe right, backwards)
  • Spacebar - jump (or special action on some mobs)
  • Mouse Click - special action

To ride a mob simply right click it. May require a saddle in hand if configured.

Select a Mob to learn more details about it

Bat Ghast Pufferfish Turtle
Blaze Giant Rabbit Vex
Cave Spider Guardian Salmon Villager
Chicken Husk Sheep Vindicator
Cod Fish Illusioner Shulker Witch
Cow Iron Golem Silverfish Wither
Creeper Llama Skeleton Wither Skeleton
Dolphin Magma Cube Skeleton Horse Wolf
Drowned Mooshroom Slime Zombie
Elder Guardian Ocelot Snow Golem Zombie Horse
Ender Dragon Parrot Spider Zombie Pigman
Enderman Phantom Squid Zombie Villager
Endermite Pig Stray
Evoker Polar Bear Tropical Fish
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