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Tweaks to Flash ver. of Notch's Infinite Mario Bros: Working score, levels that stay after death, etc
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res tweak difficulty curve, add Buzzy Beetles
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A copy of the code for "Infinite Mario Brothers". Originally written by Markus "Notch" Persson (a.k.a the Minecraft guy). Converted from Java to AS3 by a Japanese programmer known only - as far as I can tell - as "Flashrod"

Notch: Flashrod:


Images and sounds are copyright Nintendo. You should replace them with original content! Code originally by Notch, and released into the public domain (see doc/LICENSE.txt) Flash conversion, apparently, also released into the public domain. (see doc/README_ja_JP_utf8.txt) I don't speak Japanese, but I believe his readme says his code is "under the same license" as the original (either that, or he called your mother a whore)

I've uploaded it to make a few tweaks:

  • Working score
  • Spinies die from fire
  • Power down on death
  • Levels don't change when you re-enter them
  • Less Bullet Bills, more pits

I also went ahead and added Buzzy Beetles (This code is too abysmal to add any other enemies or more substantial changes, though)

My contributions are also released back into the public domain.

-- Billy Wenge-Murphy, 2011

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