Tweaks to Flash ver. of Notch's Infinite Mario Bros: Working score, levels that stay after death, etc
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A copy of the code for "Infinite Mario Brothers". Originally written by Markus "Notch" Persson (a.k.a the Minecraft guy). Converted from Java to AS3 by a Japanese programmer known only - as far as I can tell - as "Flashrod"




Images and sounds are copyright Nintendo. You should replace them with original content!

Code originally by Notch, and released into the public domain (see doc/LICENSE.txt)

Flash conversion, apparently, also released into the public domain. (see doc/README_ja_JP_utf8.txt)

I don't speak Japanese, but I believe his readme says his code is "under the same license" as the original

I've uploaded it to make a few tweaks:

  • Levels don't change when you re-enter them
  • Working score
  • Spinies die from fire
  • Power down on death
  • Less Bullet Bills, more pits
  • Buzzy Beetles

My contributions are also released back into the public domain.

-- Billy Wenge-Murphy, 2011