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BinProtect presents a tool capable of transforming programs in binary form (ELF32) to retrospectively incorporate security mechanisms, which have not been integrated at compile-time. Inspired by compile-time protection mechanisms, BinProtect integrates four security hardening measures that are shortly described in the following:

  • BinProtect hardens calls to unsafe standard C library functions (e.g. strcpy(), gets(), sprintf(), ...). For this, binaries are transformed in such a way that calls to both statically or dynamically linked standard C library are intercepted and replaced by hardened wrapper implementations (the wrapper implementations are not part of our project).

  • BinProtect transforms binary objects so that they become able to detect potential buffer overflows. Therefore, prologue and epilogue information of functions is extended. The extended functionality causes the prologue to dynamically store functions' return addresses in a dedicated memory region (the shadow stack). Whereas, the functions epilogue takes over responsibility to detect potential buffer overflows by matching the return address with its associated copy on the shadow stack.

  • BinProtect integrates a special ELF program header into binaries so that the Linux kernel will mark pages associated with the stack region as non-executable.

  • To eliminate malicious manipulation of the Global Offset Table (GOT), BinProtect enforces full RELRO (RELocation Read-Only) behavior. Therefore, the lazy binding mechanism of the linker is deactivated so that all relocations are performed at load-time. Then, parts of the GOT are relocated within the binary itself so that they can be marked as read-only after performing load-time relocations. Finally, additional functionality is injected into binary objects so that the particular memory regions containing the GOT can be marked as read-only.

For additional information you may also consider reading our paper or presentation about BinProtect.


  • NOTE: The current implementation supports only ELF32 binaries and works on x86 platforms.

  • In order to successfully compile BinProtect, we assume a valid installation of the binary instrumentation framework Dyninst and PatchAPI.


  • make


  • To be filled...


Retrospective binary protection utilizing binary rewriting techniques.







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