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Chapter 1

Chapter 1, The Hunt for Data, identifies core approaches in reading data from various external sources such as CSV, JSON, XML, HTML, MongoDB, and SQLite.

This is the accompanying source code for Haskell Data Analysis Cookbook. Refer to the book for step-by-step explanations.


  • Code00: Harnessing data from various sources (not included)
  • Code01: Accumulating text data from a file path
  • Code02: Catching I/O code faults
  • Code03: Keeping and representing data from a CSV file
  • Code04: Examining a JSON file with the aeson package
  • Code05: Reading an XML file using the HXT package
  • Code06: Capturing table rows from an HTML page
  • Code07: Understanding how to perform HTTP GET requests
  • Code08: Learning how to perform HTTP POST requests
  • Code09: Traversing online directories for data
  • Code10: Using MongoDB queries in Haskell
  • Code11: Reading from a remote MongoDB server
  • Code12: Exploring data from a SQLite database

How to use

Setting up the environment

Install the Haskell Platform.

$ sudo apt-get install haskell-platform

Alternatively, install GHC 7.6 (or above) and Cabal.

$ sudo apt-get install ghc cabal-install

Running the code

A Makefile is provided in each recipe. Compile the corresponding executable by running make.

$ make

Run the resulting code. For example,

$ ./Code01

To clean up the directory:

$ make clean