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Nibble Peg - DIP

A very easy blinking peg with 4 LEDs. A Nibble ist a unit for the amount of 4 Bits (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nibble).

Nibble Peg DIP

  • Status: Complete
  • Difficulty: 1/5

Parts List

Menge Name Beschreibung Beschriftung/Farbcode
1 Peg Wooden Peg
1 Battery Holder CR2032 Battery Holder
1 Battery CR2032
4 LED 3mm RGB flashing LED
2 Cable


You can find the manual and pictures of every step in the manual folder.


For everybody who wants to build them at home. Here are the sources for the important parts:

  • Peg
    • Best found in EDEKA (1,99€ for 50 pcs)
  • Battery Holder
    • ebay.de (Search for "CR2032 Batteriehalter")
    • aliexpress.com (Serach for "CR2032 Battery Holder")
  • Battery CR2032
    • Everywhere, cheapest ebay or alibaba.com
  • LED
    • ebay.de (Search for "RGB LED 3mm blinken", take the ones with only two legs and 3V)
    • aliexpress.com (Search for "rgb led flash 3mm", take the ones with only two legs and 3V)

Copyright and Authorship