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A lightweight, multi-purpose, WordPress plugin with a focus on privacy and speed
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WP Toolbelt

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A lightweight plugin inspired by Jetpack but designed for privacy, speed, and accessibility.


I want it to be fast. I want to be able to enable any of the features and not have my Google Pagespeed score drop. To be fast it:

  • Doesn't use jQuery or any other javascript framework. All javascript is vanilla js, and minified.
  • Minifies all assets (JS and CSS)
  • Loads all assets inline. They are already small, and loading them directly on the page means there are no server requests.
  • Only loads things when they are needed. JS and CSS are only loaded for activated modules.
  • Options? There's only one for the database; an array that stores what modules are active.
  • Uses the minimum code possible. Minimum Javascript and PHP. Less code means more speed, and fewer bugs.
  • All modules are disabled by default. You only enable the ones you need.

Privacy? GDPR?

To ensure the plugin is as privacy focused as possible it:

  • Does not phone out. No data is shared with third parties.
  • Does not use standard social sharing javascripts (loaded from social networks servers).
  • Does not track your usage of the plugin.
  • Does not add generator comments, or secret comments to your site html.



This plugin is heavily inspired by the Jetpack and Machete plugins. A lot of the modules use code from these plugins as starting points.

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