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DCI in Ruby

DCI, which stands for "data, context and interaction", is a software design model. This model consists of three types of objects:

  • Data - describes what the system is. Usually a relatively static data model with relations. They do not contain any application logic, they are only data.
  • Context - describes a use case for a system. Determines the objects that need to be involved in a use case and ties them to one or more Roles.
  • Interaction - describes what the system does. Implemented as Roles which are played by objects at run time.

In DCI, an actor in a Context is injected with only enough application logic to get the job done. Thus, DCI cleanly separates what the application is (Data) from what it does (Interactions); this is in contrast to, say, a typical Rails application with a skinny-controller-fat-model paradigm.

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