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React Primer

This little repo is designed to gently introduce developers into the wonderful world of React. Each demo's source is annotated with comments and can be read basically top-to-bottom.

View the Demos

The demos are available online.

Running Locally

Clone the repository and open build/index.html in your browser; the demos are pre-built and checked in to the repo.


Requires Node.js.

npm install && npm start

Then open build/index.html in your browser. The Node process will automatically recompile the demos on any change; check your console output for syntax errors.

Further Reading

The React site has a ton of info, and I recommend checking it out. It also contains more in-depth API documentation.

The "Top-Down Data Flow & shouldComponentUpdate" demo introduces the idea of a top-level data store that causes an application-wide re-render whenever its data changes; this is a nice stepping stone to the flux architecture, including flux libraries like Fluxxor.