Blender plugin that generates texture atlas from animations
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Blender plugin that generates a 2d sprite animation atlas from blender models.

3D Model

Texture atlas



Go [File > User Preferences]

Preference menu

Click on [Addons] and then select [Install from File...] at the bottom, and select the file called and install it. Addon

Make sure the checkbox is checked.

(If you don’t see TextureAtlas; stay in the [Addons] section and under Categories; Go to [Render]. There you'll find [Render: TextureAtlas], make sure the checkbox is checked. You could also search for the module with the search tool in the top left corner ) That’s it!


TextureAtlas can be found under the Render tab and is separated into three sections.

  • Animation settings - Defines which frames should be rendered, the number of rotations around z axis and which object to render.
  • Geometry - The size of the final texture atlas image.
  • Output - Settings for output files and algorithm used to pack the images. If [Store atlas in blender file] is checked then the final atlas image and data will be packed into the blender file.

To generate texture atlas, press the "Create Texture Atlas" button. Once generated, the atlas image will show up in blenders image editor and the atlas data file will be in the text editor.

TextureAtlas panel