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A dedicated place for cool golang security projects, frameworks, libraries, and software.

Pulled from collections such as awesome-go and awesome-golang-security


  • saml2aws - CLI tool which enables you to login and retrieve AWS temporary credentials using a SAML IDP


  • bencrypt - Encryption Abstraction Layer and Utilities.
  • holeysocks - Cross-Platform Reverse Socks Proxy in Go.
  • gokrb5 - Pure Go Kerberos library for clients and services.
  • go-tunnel - TLS/SSL Tunnel - A modern STunnel replacement written in golang.
  • memguard - A pure Go library for handling sensitive values in memory.
  • nacl - Go implementation of the NaCL set of API's.
  • passlib - Futureproof password hashing library.
  • saltpack - Modern crypto messaging format.
  • simple-scrypt - Scrypt package with a simple, obvious API and automatic cost calibration built-in.
  • sio - Go implementation of the Data At Rest Encryption (DARE) format.
  • hashid - Given a string determine the possible hashing algorithms used to produce that string.
  • crunchy - Finds common flaws in passwords. Like cracklib

Packers / Obfuscators

  • Amber - Amber is a reflective PE packer for bypassing security products and mitigations.
  • gscript - Framework to rapidly implement custom droppers for all three major operating systems
  • gobfuscate - Obfuscate Go binaries and packages
  • goupx - Fix golang compiled binaries on x86_64 so that they can be packed with UPX.
  • stegify - Go tool for LSB steganography, capable of hiding any file within an image.
  • obfs4 - Yawning Angel courtesy mirror of the obfourscator
  • strobfus - String obfuscation

Private Key Infrastructure

  • acmetool - ACME (Let's Encrypt) client tool with automatic renewal.
  • certigo - A utility to examine and validate certificates in a variety of formats
  • CloudFlare SSL - CFSSL is CloudFlare's PKI/TLS swiss army knife. It is both a command line tool and an HTTP API server for signing, verifying, and bundling TLS certificates.


  • ssh-vault - encrypt/decrypt using ssh keys.
  • pam-ussh - uber's ssh certificate pam module.

File Transfer

  • dnd - A web based drag and drop file transfer tool for sending files across the internet.
  • grab - Go package for managing file downloads.
  • onionbox - Send and recieve files through TOR
  • proxyd - proxyd proxies data between TCP, TLS, and unix sockets



  • evilginx2 - Standalone man-in-the-middle attack framework used for phishing login credentials along with session cookies, allowing for the bypass of 2-factor authentication.
  • gophish - Open-Source Phishing Toolkit
  • modlishka - Modlishka. Reverse Proxy. Phishing NG.
  • phishery - An SSL Enabled Basic Auth Credential Harvester with a Word Document Template URL Injector

Command and Control

  • chashell - Chashell is a Go reverse shell that communicates over DNS.
  • chisel - Chisel is a fast TCP tunnel, transported over HTTP, secured via SSH.
  • GoAT - GoAT (Golang Advanced Trojan) is a trojan that uses Twitter as a C&C server
  • gobot2 - Second Version of The GoBot Botnet, But more advanced.
  • goDoH - A DNS-over-HTTPS Command & Control Proof of Concept.
  • goredshell - A cross platform tool for verifying credentials and executing single commands
  • hershell - Multiplatform reverse shell generator.
  • hideNsneak - a CLI for ephemeral penetration testing
  • keyserver - Easily serve HTTP and DNS keys for proper payload protection.
  • liberetto - Libretto is a Golang library to create Virtual Machines (VMs) on any cloud and Virtual Machine hosting platforms such as AWS, Azure, OpenStack, vSphere, or VirtualBox.
  • merlin - Merlin is a cross-platform post-exploitation HTTP/2 Command & Control server and agent written in golang.
  • shellz - shellz is a small utility to track and control your ssh, telnet, web and custom shells and tunnels.
  • squidshell - A dynamic HTTP and DNS reverse proxy
  • ratnet - Ratnet is a prototype anonymity network for mesh routing and embedded scenarios.
  • Venom - A Multi-hop Proxy for Penetration Testers Written in Go
  • holepunch-client - Totally self-contained SSH reverse tunnel written in Go
  • Platypus - A modern multiple reverse shell sessions manager written in go
  • GoMet - Multi-platform backdoor in Go. TCP forwarding, socks5, tunneling, shell, download, exec

Web Framework Hardening

  • beego-security-headers - Beego framework filter for easy security headers management.
  • badactor - An in-memory application driven jailer written in Go.
  • goth - Provides a simple, clean, and idiomatic way to use OAuth and OAuth2. Handles multiple providers out of the box.
  • hsts - Go HTTP Strict Transport Security library
  • httpauth - HTTP Authentication middleware.
  • jwt - Clean and easy to use implementation of JSON Web Tokens (JWT).
  • jwt - Lightweight JSON Web Token (JWT) library.
  • nosurf - CSRF protection middleware for Go.
  • oauth2 - Successor of goauth2. Generic OAuth 2.0 package that comes with JWT, Google APIs, Compute Engine and App Engine support.
  • osin - Golang OAuth2 server library.
  • paseto - Platform-Agnostic Security Tokens implementation in GO (Golang)
  • gorilla/csrf - Provides Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) prevention middleware for Go web applications & services.
  • gorilla/securecookie - Encodes and decodes authenticated and optionally encrypted cookie values for Go web applications.
  • secure - Secure is an HTTP middleware for Go that facilitates most of your security needs for web applications.

Web Application Testing

  • gobuster - Directory/file & DNS busting tool written in Go.
  • gofuzz - Aims to reproduce wfuzz's functionality and versatility. Based on gobuster.
  • recursebuster - Rapid content discovery tool for recursively querying webservers, handy in pentesting and web application assessments
  • url2img - HTTP server with API for capturing screenshots of websites.
  • madns - DNS server for pentesters.
  • rescope - Parse scope definitions to Burp Suite / ZAP compatible formats for import
  • Wuzz - Interactive cli tool for HTTP inspection.

Network Scanners

  • amass - In-depth DNS Enumeration and Network Mapping
  • bettercap - The Swiss Army knife for 802.11, BLE and Ethernet networks reconnaissance and MITM attacks.
  • furious - Golang IP/port scanner with SYN (stealth) scanning and device manufacturer identification
  • goddi - goddi (go dump domain info) dumps Active Directory domain information
  • nextnet - nextnet is a pivot point discovery tool written in Go.
  • vulns - Vulnerability scanner for Linux/FreeBSD, agentless, written in Go
  • xray - XRay is a tool for recon, mapping and OSINT gathering from public networks.
  • subjack - Subdomain Takeover tool written in Go
  • flightsim - A utility to generate malicious network traffic and evaluate controls
  • Cameradar - An scanner with RTSP stream access tool that comes with its library

Network Analysis

  • netcap - The Netcap (NETwork CAPture) framework efficiently converts a stream of network packets into highly accessible type-safe structured data that represent specific protocols or custom abstractions.
  • goshark - Package goshark use tshark to decode IP packet and create data struct to analyse packet.
  • gosnmp - Native Go library for performing SNMP actions.
  • gopassivedns - PassiveDNS in Go.
  • nfp - Network Finger Printer

Exploit Development

  • binjection - Injects additional machine instructions into various binary formats.
  • pwn - Pwntools for go!
  • monkey - Monkey patching in Go
  • usercorn - Dynamic binary analysis via platform emulation

Detection Engines

  • fleet - A flexible control server for osquery fleets
  • go-yara - Go Bindings for YARA, the "pattern matching swiss knife for malware researchers (and everyone else)".
  • honeytrap - Advanced Honeypot framework.
  • malace - VirusTotal Wanna Be - Now with 100% more Hipster
  • sgt - Osquery Mangement Server
  • osquery-go - Go bindings for osquery

Chat Bots

  • marvin - IRC bot with Markov spew, answering machine, and mixed drink recipes.
  • alfred - A Slack bot to add security info to messages containing URLs, hashes and IPs.
  • go-chat-bot - IRC, Slack & Telegram bot written in Go.
  • flottbot - A chatbot framework written in Go. All configurations are made in YAML.
  • gohubsbot - A minimal bridge bot between Mozilla Hubs and the Matrix chat protocol

System Information

General Post Exploitation

  • dlgs - Go cross-platform library for displaying dialogs and input boxes
  • goreddeath - Experimenting with destructive file attacks in Go.
  • goredloot - A tool to collect secrets (keys and passwords) and stage (compress and encrypt) them for exfiltration.
  • goredspy - Post exploitation desktop screensho / user monitoring tool
  • PandorasBox - Security tool to quickly audit Public Box files and folders.

Windows Specific

  • amsi - Golang implementation of Microsoft Antimalware Scan Interface
  • go-acl - Go library for manipulating ACLs on Windows.
  • go-execute-assembly - Allow a Go process to dynamically load .NET assemblies.
  • go-ole - Go bindings for Windows COM using shared libraries instead of cgo.
  • gosecretsdump - Fast hash dumper for NTDS.dit files
  • go-winio - This repository contains utilities for efficiently performing Win32 IO operations in Go.
  • ldap - Basic LDAP v3 functionality for the GO programming language.
  • winrm - Command-line tool and library for Windows remote command execution in Go.
  • wmi - Package wmi provides a WQL interface to Windows WMI.
  • taskmaster - Windows Task Scheduler Library for Go.
  • gordp - Rdp client on pure GoLang
  • w32 - A wrapper of Windows APIs for Go
  • goWMIExec - Pash the Hash, execute a command on a target machine using WMI by providing an NTLM hash for the specified user.

MacOS Specific

  • damage - A toolkit for creating and manipulating DMGs
  • racoon - loop through a munki manifest and install everything

Linux Specific

  • ftrace - Go library to trace Linux syscalls using the FTRACE kernel framework.
  • netstat - Netstat implementation in Go.
  • opensnitch - OpenSnitch is a GNU/Linux port of the Little Snitch application firewall.
  • passwd - A Go parser for the /etc/passwd file.

Container Specific

Data Parsing

  • cacador - Indicator extractor of IOCs

Static Code Analysis

  • go-callvis - go-callvis is a development tool to help visualize call graph of a Go program using interactive view.
  • go-diff - Diff, match and patch text in Go
  • gosec - Inspects source code for security problems by scanning the Go AST.
  • gometalinter - Concurrently run Go lint tools and normalise their output.


  • avo - Generate x86 Assembly with Go
  • c2goasm - C to Go Assembly
  • shellcode - Shellcode library as a Go package


A dedicated place for cool golang security projects







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