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package bj
/* todo - this incomplete functionality should be a configurable option
under the Macho injector, FAT is not a top-level exe type
// FatBinject - Inject a malicious macho binary into a fat file and currupt the cpu execution of the first file
func FatBinject(sourceBytes []byte, bdMachoPath string, config *BinjectConfig) error {
// Open Fat File, Read Both Macho Types
var FatyMachos []macho.File
fatFile, err := macho.OpenFat(sourceFile)
if err != nil {
return err
for _, arch := range fatFile.Arches {
log.Printf("Arch details: %v\n", arch)
machoFile := arch.File
FatyMachos = append(FatyMachos, *machoFile)
log.Printf("FatyMacho Deets: %+v", FatyMachos)
// Read Malicious Macho Type
machoFile, err := macho.Open(bdMachoPath)
if err != nil {
return err
log.Printf("Malicious Macho Deets: %+v", machoFile)
// Replace one macho, and currpt cpu
FatyMachos[len(FatyMachos)-1] = *machoFile
log.Printf("New FatyMacho Deets: %+v", FatyMachos)
// Write final strut
final, err := os.Create(destFile)
if err != nil {
return err
// Write fat headers
// Write arch load headers
// write machos
defer final.Close()
return nil
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