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basic machine setup cookbook

Prerequisite for vagrant

vagrant plugin install vagrant-chef-zero
vagrant plugin install vagrant-omnibus

Our develop environment


vagrant version is

$ vagrant -v
Vagrant 1.8.5

vagrant plugins version are

vagrant-chef-zero (2.0.0)
vagrant-omnibus (1.4.1)

Setup using vagrant

berks vendor cookbooks
vagrant up --provision

If you have some error message.

Sometimes it fails some reason(mostly network problem I think).

vagrant provision

I'll hope to fix it and robust to finish the cookbooks.

I want to change recipe

apt-get -q -y --force-yes -o Dpkg::Options::='--force-confold' -o Dpkg::Options::='--force-all' install docker-engine=1.12.3-0~trusty

How long does it take to setup using vagrant

When I executed vagrant up , it tooks 1.5 hour. It does not need to any interaction. Just type command and wait.

I think most of time takes to download compressed(gzip) sailfish index (11G) and extract it.

I test it with the VM which is assigned 4 CPU and 8GB RAM. I write these assignment to Vagrantfile.

sailfish index create by execute sailfish command.

If you have enough resource, you can choose the method of create sailfish index via sailfish command.


Sometimes job is fail.

Answer. Maybe machine resource is not enought to execute.

Almost case is that RAM is not enough.

HISAT2 require some times 32GB.


You try to run some jobs parallel.


vagrant halt
VBoxManage sharedfolder remove bayesvm_1.3.0  --name vagrant
VBoxManage export bayesvm_1.3.0 -o bayesvm_1.3.0-dev.ova


How does Galaxy runs ?

  • Galaxy run in docker
  • Galaxy run with systemctl
  • Galaxy starts on boot by default setting
  • Galaxy using port 28080, 29002

I can't access .

Galaxy is available port 28080.

http://localhost:28080 or http://yourbayeslinuxhost:28080

How to change Galaxy port 28080 to 80

  1. Check port 80 is used or not.
  2. If port 80 is used, stop the service.
  3. Change port 28080 to 80 by editing /usr/local/galaxy-bitwf/scripts/ -p 28080:80 to -p 80:80

Why Galaxy default port is 28080 ?

To avoid conflict with other application.

Port 80 is using by httpd server (Apache httpd , Nginx is famous )

Start Galaxy


sudo /etc/init.d/docker-galaxy start

Stop Galaxy


sudo /etc/init.d/docker-galaxy stop

Where is setting files.

  • service
  • Start script
  • Stop script

Other directories and files structure.

Run Galaxy following directory


-v files

In host In docker container File or Directory Note
/usr/local/galaxy-bitwf/scripts /usr/local/galaxy-bitwf/scripts directory for share
/usr/local/galaxy-bitwf/scripts/2790.diff /galaxy-central/2790.diff file Galaxy pull 2790 diff
/usr/local/galaxy-bitwf/scripts/job_conf.xml /etc/galaxy/job_conf.xml file Job setting
/usr/local/galaxy-bitwf/export /export directory for share
/usr/local/galaxy-bitwf/data /data directory for share Readonly
/usr/local/galaxy-bitwf/scripts/ /galaxy-central/ file Startup script

NFS and docker

If you using NFS for data persistent, you need to care about order of NFS mount and docker galaxy start.

NFS needs to mount before docker galaxy start.

To check mount is success

This case /data is on NFS

docker exec galaxy_bitwf_1.3.0 ls /data

If there is no data , it fail to start. To resolve problem

sudo /etc/init.d/docker-galaxy stop
docker rm galaxy_bitwf_1.3.0
sudo /etc/init.d/docker-galaxy start

Not start docker-galaxy at boot time

If you want to start docker-galaxy , you need to disable automatic start on boot.

sysv-rc-conf docker-galaxy off


First time

Create conda environment and install bwa

conda create -n myenvironment bwa=0.7.12
source activate myenvironment

list conda envrionment

conda info -e

list conda channels

conda config --get channels
conda config --get channels --system

Remove tool

conda remove -n myenvironment bwa

Remove conda environment

conda env remove -n myenvironment

Anaconda Documentation

Relation Virtual Machine and Cookbook Version

VirtualMachine Cookbook Name Cookbook Version
1.2.0 basicsetup 1.2.0
1.3.0 basicsetup 1.3.0
1.4.0 basicsetup 1.3.0 and upgrade by hand

Next Release 1.5.0 cookbook name change is scheduled.


see TODO


Copyright (c) [2015-2017] [Manabu ISHII] and RIKEN Bioinformatics Research Unit Released under the [Apache License Version 2.0]