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@StevenAWhite StevenAWhite released this Jun 18, 2019 · 831 commits to master since this release

What's new in ver 7.0 (August 22, 2018)

  • BioGears python plotting tool
  • Max work rate now a patient parameter and is configurable
  • Hemorrhage action updates, may now specify location and rate
    • Rate will diminish as pressure in the vessel decreases
  • Update build process to be entirely supported by CMAKE
    • Removed Apache Ant dependency
    • Updated build directory and runtime directory dependencies
  • Full build support for arm platforms
  • Updates to source to support all major platforms: mac, win, linux, and Arm
  • Updated build architecture to python buildbot libraries
    • 8 concurrent nightly builds to ensure multi-platform support
  • Setup mirroring onto our new github repository
    • All development now open to the community with feature branches also supporting nightly builds
  • Dockerfile and testing/support now supported, see more at
  • Pain model and patient pain susceptibility configuration flag
    • Validated pain model supported, stimulus can be specified with severity from 0-1
    • Works with all supported pain medication in the BioGears engine
      • Treat patient with Morphine, Fentynal, and/or Ketamine
    • New How-to-pain file to display sdk support
  • Sepsis model
    • Robust whole body inflammation model with severity and location specifiers in .xml and SDK
    • New How-to-sepsis file to show sdk functionality (command-line tool)
    • Validated treatments with fluid resuscitation guidelines, vasopressin, norepinephrine, and antibiotics
    • Validated blood chemistry markers such as bilirubin, white blood cell count, and lactate
  • New antibiotic IV drip
    • Can be used to treat sepsis
  • Two new supported patients: toughguy and toughgirl
  • Sweat rate patches now meeting validation
    • Better core temperature regulation during exercise
    • Hyper/hypo-hidrosis now a supported patient parameter
  • Updates and new 7.0 java GUI release to support users who want to create their own substance
    • Includes ability to patch in new drugs
  • Chemoreceptor method updated to track validation for hypercapnic and hypoxic conditions
    • Better support for respiratory validation across the board, particularly supported respiratory conditions
  • Patches to saline infusion loading on the patient for better respiratory validation
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