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@StevenAWhite StevenAWhite released this Jun 18, 2019 · 343 commits to master since this release

What's new in ver 7.2 and 7.2.1 (January 29, 2019)

  • General bug fixes and updates
    • Finalization for testing and implementation to BioGears override functionality with full physiology request data support
  • Arterial and Venous PH data requests
  • Inflammation state data to support sepsis model serialization
  • Generalized sepsis model to a more generic inflammation model
    • Will be critical to future modeling efforts (hemorrhage, burn, infection)
  • New example sepsis xml files (SepsisSevere_Gut.xml)
  • New lymph circuit
    • Handles Albumin transport and re-circulation
    • Creates realistic oncotic pressure sources for substance transport
    • Transport from tissue systems back into the vasculature via lymph
  • New command line utility project (cmd_bio) for native c++ runtime, driver, batch run organizer/manager
  • Optional name value for xml actions meal and environment
  • New burn model
    • User defined total body surface area input
    • Inflammation cascade validated for long running scenarios (24 hr +)
    • Validated for traditional treatment protocols with USISR SMEs
  • New unit testing framework (Google Test) to better support multiplatform functionality
    • Unit Test harness is a separate project in CMAKE which can be controlled with Biogears_BUILD_TEST variable
  • Introduced const char* DLL interfaces for all functions dealing with std::string to avoid windows related issues dealing with XSD implicitly exporting string through inheritance
  • Updated functionality to tension pneumothorax to fix bug in bilateral behavior
  • Updated hemorrhage bugs to update blood gas levels and metabolic requirements
    • Validated with University of Washington
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