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BioHack Academy Photobioreactor
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Arduino Code BHA4 update Dec 15, 2016
Pictures pictures Oct 13, 2016
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Photobioreactor - Breadboard-wiring.png
Photobioreactor - Electronics Assembly Guide.pdf
Photobioreactor - Fritzing.fzz
Photobioreactor - Lusercut file.dxf update Oct 13, 2016

#BHA Photobioreactor

This project is still in alpha phase, meaning that the prototype is not functional at all.

DIY Photobioreactor

The first release contains the source files of the designs and materials used during the #FOOD2030EU event in Brussels on Oct 12, 2016. The goal of that workshop was to prototype a device and have a discussion on bottom-up citizens led protein production. We built our own alpha version of the photobioreactor with the aim to grow Spirulina.

The goal of the Photobioreactor is to control or monitor the following parameters:

  • Amount of light based on a day / night cycle
  • Measure the amount of light
  • Measure the pH
  • Measure the temperature
  • Display these values on an LCD screen

Follow these links for more information on Spirulina and its preferred growth medium.

Here is a video of a fully completed device.

Done! Spirulina #algea bioreactors build @Food2030EU prototyping how to grow your own protein

A video posted by @pvanboheemen on Oct 12, 2016 at 10:47am PDT

<script async defer src="//"></script>

##Navigation the repo

BHA_Photobioreactor/						main repo
|-- Arduino/PhotobioreactorController/		Arduino Code
|-- Pictures/								Pictures of the device
BoM											Bill of Materials
Photobioreactor - Breadboard-wiring.png		Wiring overview
Photobioreactor - Electronics Assembly Guide.pdf		Assembly guide
Photobioreactor - Fritzing.fzz				Wiring source
Photobioreactor - Lasercut file.dxf			Laser cut sheet

Special thanks to: #FOOD2030EU @TogetherSci @waag #PolicyLabEU @EU_ScienceHub


All code is licensed under GNU General Public License.

All designs are licensed under Creative Commons Contribution Share-Alike license

Copyright Waag Society

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