An Arduino shield with stepper motor driver, MOSFETs (for heating elements or DC motors), connections for thermistors and rotary encoder
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BioHack Board V2.0

The BioHackBaord is an Arduino shield that aims to eliminate the need for any soldering or breadboard for the assembly of BHA devices.

The shield is able to drive a steppermotor, read a rotary encoders, 2 thermistors, control 2 MOSFETs and connect up to 3 I2C devices, such as an LCD screen.


The current version (v2.1) of the board has been designed on the platform. The schematics, PCB design and Gerber files can be found in that BioHackBoard V2.1 repo

The BoM file in this repo lists the parts needed to finish this v2.1 board.

The first version of the board and a kit with additional components was sold by BioTronics. The source files of this board can be found in this BioHackBoard repository.