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@schuhschuh schuhschuh released this 08 Apr 22:06
· 178 commits to master since this release

After a long period of continuous development, the next major release of MIRTK is now available!

This release version was used in the experiments of the PhD thesis of Andreas Schuh, and the "Unbiased construction of a temporally consistent morphological atlas of neonatal brain development", preprint available on bioRxiv (doi:

Please note that the reason for an increase of major version number is not only the substantial added functionality since the previous release, but mainly because the scaling of the image dissimilarity gradient of the Registration module has been changed. In consequence, the weights of regularization terms have to be adjusted to account for this change, i.e., the registration will give different results than with previous versions.

Alternatively, consider adding the following options to your mirtk register configuration file:

  • Normalize image gradient = False (cf. 992ccdb)
  • Precompute image derivatives = False if Interpolation mode used is either Linear [with padding] or the default Fast linear [with padding] mode (cf. a68aefb).