Suite of programs for the analysis of non-homogeneous substitution processes
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Suite of programs for the analysis of non-homogeneous substitution processes

What does TestNH do?

TestNH is a package dedicated to the testing of non-homogeneous process in sequence evolution.

What does it provide?

It currently contains the following programs:

  • testnh implements the Bowker test for sequence non-stationarity, as described in (3)
  • mapnh performs substitution mapping and cluster branches according to their underlying substitution processes, as described in (1) and (2)
  • partnh fits a non-homogeneous model of evolution according to branch partitions, as defined from a clustering tree. It can test different sets of partitions and use a model selection criterion to select the appropriate number of clusters as described in (2)
  • randnh generates random non-homogeneous models using two models of non-homogeneity, corresponding to the clustering algorithms implemented in mapnh.

How can i get it?

The TestNH programs are command-line driven. The programs depend on the Bio++ libraries. Pre-compiled executables are statically linked (see and therefore already include all required code from the libraries.

You can get executable files pre-compiled for your system (if there are any), use pre-compiled packages (if there are any) or compile the programs yourself (should work on any system with a decent C++ compiler). Pre-compiled packages will ask for all required dependencies, which can be found in the same download directory. The needed libraries are bpp-core, bpp-seq, bpp-phyl.

For compiling the programs yourself, from the downloaded sources or from the git repository, please follow the instructions from bppsuite.

How do I use it?

Several example data sets are distributed along with the source code of the package. A reference manual is also available at

How can I get help?

A dedicated discussion forum is available at Google Groups!forum/testnh-help-forum.


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