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Tests for Angular Headless Drupal setup with services
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Angular Drupal8 & 7 API Explorer

####This project shows the whole functionality of the Angular Drupal7 Services lib. See all parts in action or copy code into you own projects.

You should also checkout the WEB DEMO of this repo.

##Setup project

  1. Check out the project
$ git clone [project name]

Check that the current user have write permissions to the newly created folder. Then cd into the folder and check out the dev branch

$ cd [project_name]  
$ git checkout master
  1. Setup node_modules
    In the ckecked out branch there is a package.json file
    which contains all required node modules required for the gulp tasks.
$ npm install
  1. Load bower lib's
    As all the thrid party libs are not in the repository we have to load them over bower
$ bower update   

Open app.config.js

  //drupal services configurations
  DrupalApiConstant.drupal_instance = 'http://www.your.domain/'; 
  DrupalApiConstant.api_endpoint += 'v1/'; // "api/v1/"

Now you are ready to test it. Run following command:

$ gulp webserver  

##Setup Drupal

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