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name: Boost Your Visibility – Improving F of FAIR for Dutch Training and Data Resources through Bioschemas
title: Bioschemas for Dutch Training Resources.
dates: 7-8 February 2019
start_date: 2019-02-07
end_date: 2019-02-08
venue: Jaarbeurs Meetup, Jaarbeursplein, 3521 AL Utrecht, the Netherlands
- AlasdairGray
- LeylaGarcia
- AlasdairGray
- LeylaGarcia
<h3>Target audience and Hackathon Goals</h3>
<p>The hackathon is intended for:</p>
<li>Training providers/organizers that have lists/catalogues/websites of training events and/or training materials that they want to annotate with Bioschemas and have automatically scraped to TeSS.</li>
<li>Data providers, curators or managers of Life Science resources such as Biobanks, Proteins, Samples, Beacons, Tools.</li>
<p>After the hackathon participants will:</p>
<li>Understand how works and the motivations for using it</li>
<li>Know about Bioschemas</li>
<li>Know what are relevant Bioschemas profiles for their type of resource(s)</li>
<li>Have annotated (a selection of) their resources with Bioschemas</li>
<li>Be able to independently continue the work at their institution to annotate all their resources</li>
<p>The first day of the event will be suitable for anyone wanting to learn more about, bioschemas annotations and how they can help increase the visibility of Life Science web resources.</p>
<p>The second day will be hands-on. During that part, participants will add biochemas annotation to the resource(s) they represent. To make it possible participant will need the skills to modify the source code behind the web pages of the resource as well as have the access and permission to do it.</p>
<p>Please see the meeting <a href="{{page.meeting-url}}">website</a> for full details of the event and how to register.</p>