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layout: meeting
name: Bioschemas at BioHackathon 2019 Paris
title: Bioschemas@BioHackathon2019
dates: 18-22 November 2019
start_date: 2019-11-18
end_date: 2019-11-22
venue: Campus des Berges de Seine (South Paris), 1 Route de Beaulieu, 77240 Seine-Port, France
tbc: false
- LeylaGarcia
- RicardoArcila
- AlasdairGray
- KennethMcLeod
- LeylaGarcia
- RicardoArcila
- AlasdairGray
- KennethMcLeod
<!-- <p>
<a href="" target="_blank"><i class="fab fa-github"></i> Hackathon repository</a>
</p> -->
Members of the Bioschemas community will be present at the BioHackathon2019. We will be happy to help with the development of markup for your resource and in refining existing, or drafting new, profiles. We will also be involved with the following hack topics:
<li>2 - & EDAM drop-in hackathon & discussions: looking to develop integration of Bioschemas into;</li>
<li>4 - Support tools for rapid adoption of Bioschemas through automatic resources registration, updates and metadata integration;</li>
<li>8 - Scalable delivery of FAIR training in Life Sciences using Galaxy and the Carpentries training material: ensuring that training materials have the appropriate markup embedded in them;</li>
<li>12 - Knowledge graph for scholarly publications in Bioschemas;</li>
<li>15 - Implementation of Bioschema for Orphanet and Orphadata;</li>
<li>20 - Improving the interoperability of the core intrinsically disordered protein (IDP) resource: investigating whether Bioschemas is enough for a minimum exchange model;</li>
<li>22 - RO Shape Profiles, BrAPI, and Bioschemas Shapes Validation;</li>
<li>26 - Data Ingestion Pipeline for the IDP Community: exploiting the Bioschemas crawler to automatically aggregate data;</li>
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