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Course material for introductory R / Bioconductor courses
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Introduction to R and Bioconductor

Bioconductor Course Material Archive

Recent courses:

  • BiocAsia-2019 - 1 1/2 hour introduction to Bioconductor for genomic analysis.
  • CMCM-Nov-2019 - 1 1/2 hour introduction to R and Bioconductor.
  • UB-CDSE-Apr-2019 - 2 hour tour of exploring large (cancer-related) data sets.
  • NURDS-Apr-2019 - 2 hour Developing robust and efficient code.
  • BiocAsia-2018 - 2 two-hour sessions on Annotation resources and package development.
  • RPCI-Epigenome-Sept-2018 - 1/2 day tour of Bioconductor packages for epigenomics.
  • Visby-2018 - 4 presentations providing overviews of Bioconductor, core classes, annotation resources, and advanced aspects of classes and methods.
  • OMRF-2017 - 2 day introduction to R and Bioconductor
  • UPSTAT-2017 -- 1 two-hour session introducing R and Bioconductor through data exploration.
  • CDSE-2017 -- 1 three-hour session on high-throughput genomic analysis in R and Bioconductor.
  • Moffitt-2017 -- 2 day introduction to R and Bioconductor.
  • RPCI-Jan-2017 -- 5 one-hour sessions introduction R to the Roswell Park community.
  • Technion-2016 -- 3 three-hour sessions introducing Bioconductor (and R).
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