Bioconductor facilities for parallel evaluation
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Bioconductor facilities for parallel evaluation (experimental)

Possible TODO

  • map/reduce-like function
  • bpforeach?
  • Abstract scheduler
  • lazy DoparParam
  • SnowParam support for setSeed, recursive, cleanup
  • subset SnowParam


  • encapsulate arguments as ParallelParam()
  • Standardize signatures
  • Make functions generics
  • parLapply-like function
  • Short vignette
  • elaborate SnowParam for SnowSocketParam, SnowForkParam, SnowMpiParam, ...
  • MulticoreParam on Windows

github notes

  • commit one-liners with names

    git log --pretty=format:"- %h %an: %s"


  • DoparParam does not pass foreach args (specifically access to .options.nws for chunking)