A simple package containing get-to-know-you challenges related to efficient R code
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This is a simple package containing get-to-know-you challenges related to robust, efficient, and scalable R code. Working in informal teams, the goal is to improve the code inside this package. Your team will:

  1. Get everyone up to speed on the basics of github -- the team must make a clone of this package into at least one member's github account.

  2. Tackle individual problems. Start with the problems in 'robust.R', then efficient.R.

  3. In the process, use roxygen2-style documentation, devtools::document(), and devtools::check() to make sure that the package remains correct.

  4. Work on this, and get to know your fellow developers, during the alotted time this morning; revisit when bored. Use these as templates for thinking about other presentations during the conference.