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Intermediate R course offered to members of RPCI / SUNY at Buffalo
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Workshop: Intermediate R Software Development

This is a series of meetings to enhance our understanding of R as a programming language, and to connect with other people interested in R software development. It is open to members of the Roswell Park and SUNY at Buffalo communities. It is suitable for people who already know R, and are eager to develop a deeper understanding of the language and 'best practices' when tackling larger projects.

There are six sessions. Participants are expected to attend all sessions. All sessions are 4-6 pm in the Gaylord Cary Meeting Room, Research Studies Center, Roswell Park.

Applications CLOSED.

The first meeting is Wednesday, 5 October, at 4-6 pm in the Gaylord Cary Meeting Room, Research Studies Center, Roswell Park.


  1. Please bring a laptop with wifi capabilities. Its a 2-hour session so a charged battery should be ok; I'm not sure what the power supply situation will be.

Schedule (Tentative)

Wednesday, 5 October

  • Working with packages and github.

  • Please install R version 3.3.1, RStudio, and git.

  • Please also install devtools.


Friday, 7 October

  • Classical, tidy, and rich approaches to data representation and analysis

  • For session 2, please install dplyr, data.table, reshape2 ggplot2 and SummarizedExperiment

          c("dplyr", "data.table", "reshape2", "ggplot2"),
  • Please also download the following plain-text files: ALL-expression.csv, ALL-phenoData.csv

Wednesday, 12 October

  • Understanding classes and methods

Friday, 14 October

  • Unit tests and other programming best practices

Wednesday, 19 October

  • For session 5, please install microbenchmark, memoise, and optionally inline

          c("microbenchmark", "memoise", "inline")
  • Writing efficient code

Friday, 21 October

  • For this session, please install rmarkdown and shiny.

  • Reports, shiny applications, and interactive communication

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