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Welcome to the BioTracker 3 core wiki! Here you will find additional development information as well as in-depth documentation

On the right you can navigate through the wiki pages.

This wiki can be downloaded as PDF here. The publication can be found on arXiv.

Please cite the BioTracker as:
Mönck HJ, Jörg A, Falkenhausen T, Tanke J, Wild B, Dormagen D, Piotrowski J, Winklmayr C, Bierbach D, Landgraf T. (2018) BioTracker: An Open-Source Computer Vision Framework for Visual Animal Tracking. eprint arXiv:1803.07985

The Analysis module from section 5 can be found here.

The BioTracker can be downloaded here.
It requires tracking plugins for you to work with. You can try our BackgroundSubtractionTracker or the LucasKanadeTracker

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