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Releases: Bioruebe/UniExtract2

2.0.0 RC 3

24 Aug 20:19
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2.0.0 RC 3 Pre-release

Added support for MSCF installers
Added support for Amiga Disk Files using unADF
Added support for PDF files using Xpdf command line tools
Added support for hundreds of game archives using GARbro
Added support for Godot engine packages using godotdec
Added support for Actual Installer executables
Added support for Clickteam Install Creator installers using cicdec
Added support for newer Symbian Os packages using extsis (plugin)
Added unshield as the default extractor for InstallShield cab files, thanks to TAbdiukov
Fixed some installers being misdetected as InstallShield
Fixed swf exe extraction not terminating correctly
Fixed console window always being visible for extractions using definition files
Fixed file identification not working correctly for a few big executables
Fixed Wise extraction methods 3 and 4 always failing
Fixed some executables not being tested with 7zip
Fixed some FMOD sound banks not being fully extracted, thanks to Sakkade
Fixed some zip extractions being detected as failed, although they completed successfully
Fixed 'NScripter archive' false positives
Fixed problems with BCM, Bink, CHM, CreateInstall, FEAD, InstallShield Z, MSP, Reflexive Arcade Installers,
SQLite, SuperDAT, SWF, Thinstall, UU, VMDK, WMA extraction
Fixed ttarch extraction failing if UniExtract's path contains spaces, thanks to wwh1004
Fixed 'Game Select' dialog being displayed in silent mode
Fixed batch mode not being enabled if directory is passed via command line
Fixed some extracted files could be lost if moving the file/folder failed, thanks to patrickdrd
Fixed context menu items not being shown if more than 15 files are selected
Fixed several UI issues, thanks to stdedos and wvxwxvw
Fixed rare problem during program files updates preventing some files from being downloaded correctly
Fixed crash when trying to send feedback while offline
Fixed possible extraction failure if file/directory locks could not be released quick enough
Fixed problems enabling context menu integration
Changed Wise extraction: E_WISE is now used automatically, the method select dialog only appears if it fails
Changed output directory input field to autofill after typing an input file path
Changed design/usability of 'Unknown file type', 'Plugin missing', 'No language file found' and 'Unsupported file type' error messages; FFmpeg and feedback prompts;
'Batch mode duplicate' warning
Changed drag and drop: when a folder is passed, all files in subfolders are added to batch mode as well
(this can be disabled by adding batchrecurse=0 to section 'UniExtract Preferences' in UniExtract.ini)
Changed 'Remember window position' option to also store window size, thanks to ltdeta
Improved speed of file type detection
Improved file type detection for .eml, .mht, .xz, some game archives
Improved detection of multipart archives when adding files to batch queue
Improved error detection for encrypted archives
Improved Visionaire extraction for many games: fixed file naming and corrupt webp images
Updated cicdec to 2.1.0
Updated demoleition to 0.61
Updated EnigmaVB unpacker to 0.58
Updated ExeInfo PE to
Updated godotdec to 2.1.0
Updated innounp to 0.49
Updated lzop to 1.04
Updated MediaInfo to 20.03
Updated mtee to 2.21
Updated PeaZip to 0.72
Updated Qt Linguist to 5.13.2
Updated QuickBMS to 0.10.1
Updated SQLite to 3.31.1
Updated UnRAR to 5.91; added x64 version
Updated unrpa to 2.3.0
Updated unshield to 1.4.d14d2e2 x86, thanks to lifenjoiner
Updated upx to 3.96
Updated WiX to 3.11.2
Updated Bulgarian translation, thanks to jekovcar
Updated Chinese (Simplified) translation, thanks to SeaHOH
Updated Dutch translation, thanks to Wouterdek
Updated French translation, thanks to Pierre le Lidgeu and zorbao
Updated German translation, thanks to Mr-Update
Updated Hungarian translation, thanks to hevesij
Updated Japanese translation, thanks to maboroshin
Updated Polish translation, thanks to Barnaba
Updated Portuguese (Brazilian) translation, thanks to igorruckert
Updated Russian translation, thanks to wvxwxvw
Updated Turkish translation, thanks to MinTR and Yakup Kök
Removed Arc-reader, brunsdec, Crass/Crage, disunity and ns2dec, replaced with GARbro
Removed XAce, replaced with acefile
Removed Extract NT, replaced with 7zip
Removed ExtractMht and MhtUnPack, replaced with 7zip and TotalObserver
Removed GCFScape and STIX, replaced with TotalObserver
Removed wtee, replaced with mtee

2.0.0 RC 2

13 Mar 06:38
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2.0.0 RC 2 Pre-release

Release Candidate 2 aims at improving usability with the first batch of redesigned dialogs and other interface improvements. As always, UniExtract also introduces fancy new features - like a new update channel, for those who want to test the newest features while they are still in development. Oh, and don't forget almost two handful of previously unsupported file types, which can now be extracted!

Added support for InstallScript installers
Added support for .bsa, .ba2 archives using BSA Browser
Added support for .pex scripts using Champollion
Added support for Bruns Engine encrypted files
Added support for .mo translation files using GNU gettext
Added support for .qm translation files using Qt Linguist
Added support for encrypted .wolf archives using WolfDec (plugin)
Added support for StuffIt X archives
Added support for install4j installers
Added TotalObserver as additional extractor choice for InstallShield
Added nightly update channel
Added changelog to update found message box
Added progress bar while search for update is in progress as the new updater might need more time than the old one on some systems
Added build date to 'About' window and feedback data
Added beta update channel
Added 'Open most recent log file' menu item
Fixed first-start assistant not being displayed when running from command line
Fixed language setting being reset if language file does not exist
Fixed UI images not being loaded if starting UniExtract from context menu
Fixed extraction from context menu if UniExtract is in scan mode
Fixed some files being misdetected as disk images
Fixed status box not being updated for some file types
Fixed MSI extraction failing for some files, which were supported in previous versions of Universal Extractor, thanks to mzso
Fixed some options ('Open folder after extraction', 'Keep Open') being ignored and UniExtract not exiting as intended (setting exit code, delete empty output directory) after certain message boxes, thanks to davidhbrown
Fixed some problems with file names containing non-ASCII characters
Fixed GUI being cut off if Windows font scaling is enabled
Fixed NSIS bin files extraction: prevented error message for every bin file; status box now displays correct file information
Fixed 'Update failed' error message on every start of UniExtract if not connected to the internet
Changed preferences dialog: redesigned GUI, added option to remove additional files, replaced numeral update interval with daily, weekly, etc. presets, removed timeout setting, added beta update setting
Changed file scan results message box: the name of the detector is now shown along with its result, output can now be selected and copied easily
Changed first start assistant: removed 2 pages and changed some wording
Changed msi extraction: added method selector prompt if the default extractor fails
Changed plugin file selector to use 'Downloads' folder as default
Improved file scan results for non-executable files
Improved UniExtract logo quality
Improved text quality for several dialogs
Removed RPGMaker Decrypter plugin, replaced with RGSS Decryptor CLI
Removed mpq plugin, replaced with built-in TotalObserver
Removed StuffIt Expander, replaced with unar
Removed FLV Extract CL, decompression is done with FFMPEG instead
Updated 7Zip to 19.00
Updated demoleition to 0.60
Updated EnigmaVB unpacker to 0.55
Updated fsbext to 0.3.8
Updated innounp to 0.48
Updated lessmsi to 1.6.1 mod
Updated QuickBMS to 0.9.0
Updated rmvdec to 1.1.0
Updated SQLite to 3.25.1
Updated ttarchext to 0.3.1a
Updated VISExt to 2.2.6777.0
Updated ZPAQ to 7.15
Updated Czech translation, thanks to DžejPý
Updated Chinese (Simplified) translation, thanks to deluxghost
Updated Chinese (Traditional) translation, thanks to jfcherng
Updated Croatian translaton, thanks to Alen Bajo
Updated Finnish translation, thanks to jyrkive
Updated Greek translation, thanks to gvp9000
Updated Italian translation, thanks to NAMP and tfr
Updated Korean translation, thanks to 까꿍
Updated Polish translaton, thanks to Barnaba and dmocha
Updated Russian translation, thanks to wvxwxvw
Updated Spanish translation, thanks to GGobbi
Updated Ukrainian translation, thanks to YuriPet

2.0.0 RC 1

03 Aug 03:13
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2.0.0 RC 1 Pre-release

Release Candidate 1 comes with a new updater, support for many new file types and lots of bug fixes and improvements.

Added support for wix installers
Added support for Spoon installers
Added support for .rpgmvp files
Added support for .utage files
Added support for MDF image files
Added support for Smacker video files
Added support for ECM compressed disk images
Added support for swf executables
Added support for OGG Vorbis audio files
Added support for Mole Box executables
Added support for NScripter version 2 archives using ns2dec
Added support for Smile Game Builder archives
Added support for UNC paths
Added support for Lzip archives
Added support for Visionaire game archives
Added 'Open Log Directory' menu item
Added 'Open Configuration File' menu item
Added detection support for encrypted fsb files
Added check on start to make sure a language file exists
Added Right to left UI mirroring for Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew; thanks to peterooch
Added new error messages: not enough free disk space, missing part for multipart archives
Fixed MS SFX hotfix extraction
Fixed 'Open folder after extraction' being always disabled when UniExtract is opened with command line parameters
Fixed cleanup for .chm and EnigmaVB files
Fixed error message after failed iso extraction: choices were mixed-up
Fixed missing file type information in NOTPACKED error message for FFMPEG extraction
Fixed missing packer name in unpack prompt
Fixed extractors not being found on some systems
Fixed pea extraction writing to wrong directory
Fixed cascading context menu for supported Windows Server operating system versions
Fixed 'Always on top' option not being saved
Fixed endless detection loop occuring for some .exe files
Fixed missing minimize controls
Fixed status box for .swf extraction
Fixed extraction being detected as failed if the output directory is a drive, not a folder
Fixed FFMPEG download/installation problems
Fixed progress display performance in status box and pattern detection
Fixed certain files being ignored by cleanup function
Fixed crash when trying to open preferences GUI if /lang directory does not exist
Fixed log files size display in file menu, if log directory is set to a location, which does not exist
Fixed DGCA plugin installation
Fixed language selection list not being scrollable
Fixed some context menu GUI items not being translated after language change
Fixed 'Not an InstallShield installer' option in MethodSelector not starting additional scans
Fixed output directory not being deleted after failed extraction (unicode mode only)
Fixed video extraction failing for files starting with -
Fixed error message when starting batch mode
Changed feedback GUI design, removed unneeded input fields
Changed feedback GUI to always pre-fill output field
Changed .nrg extraction method to use 7zip for improved unicode support
Changed .arj extraction to use 7z instead of arj
Changed .hlp extraction: improved logging, localized file name
Changed extraction to subdirectory: "."-character is now replaced to prevent collisions with existing files
Changed updater: each file is now updated on its own instead of using update packages, this way extractors can be updated much easier and faster; administrator rights are now only necessary if the program directory cannot be written to
Changed plugin download: URLs are no longer hardcoded; instead they are requested from the server, so when something goes offline UniExtract does not have to be updated to fix the link
Replaced Unreal Engine package extractor with Umodel
Removed redundant 64-bit MediaInfo dll
Removed option to toggle support for game packages from settings GUI
Updated 7zip to 18.01
Updated EnigmaVB unpacker to 0.44, changed logic to use new command line parameter
Updated Exeinfo PE to
Updated unrar to 5.50
Updated unrpa to 1.5.2
Updated TrID to 2.24
Updated unshield to 1.4
Updated FFMPEG to 4.0.2
Updated innounp to 0.47
Updated Bulgarian translation, thanks to Jekov J.K.
Updated French translation, thanks to zorbao
Updated Chinese (Traditional) translation, thanks to jfcherng
Updated Portuguese (Brazilian) translation, thanks to igorruckert
Updated Greek translation, thanks to gvp9000
Updated Russian translation, thanks to @wvxwxvw

2.0.0 Beta 4

25 Oct 12:43
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2.0.0 Beta 4 Pre-release

Beta 4 is planned to be the last beta version before the final release. It adds support for
several new installer types, a new context menu entry 'Extract to last used directory',
improved user interface, a statistics display and multiple bugfixes.

Added support for InstallAware installers
Added support for .gif and apng files (FFMPEG)
Added support for Enigma Virtual Box executables using EnigmaVB unpacker (plugin)
Added support for Ghost Installer Studio installers
Added support for Smart Install Maker installers (plugin)
Added lessmsi for improved support for .msi files
Added statistics GUI
Added status box when moving/copying unicode files to temp directory
Added timeout to some scan functions to prevent delays caused by unresponsive helper binaries
Added extraction to last used directory command line option and context menu
Changed forcing a single instance and auto-adding is now disabled if the extraction
is already finished and only the result message box is opened
Changed unicode path logic: file is now copied instead of moved if it is on a different
drive than the temp directory
Changed status box design
Fixed multiple error messages being displayed on failed update check
Fixed update message display problem
Fixed possible problems when entering relative paths in main GUI input fields
Fixed extraction not working when file directory contains unicode characters and
there is not enough free space on the drive containing the temp folder
Fixed free space check not taking unicode file moving into account
Fixed .sit extraction
Fixed crash when trying to extract wise installers
Fixed swf extraction ignoring some images and sounds
Updated language files for Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Italian
Removed DMGExtractor and replaced it with 7z
Updated 7zip to 16.04
Updated ExeInfoPE to
Updated fsbext to 0.3.5
Updated innounp to 0.46
Updated QuickBMS to 0.7.5
Updated ttarchext to 0.2.10

2.0.0 Beta 3

25 Jun 04:39
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2.0.0 Beta 3 Pre-release

Beta 3 brings a brand new updater, fixes several errors related to missing permissions
and adds 8 formats to the list of extractable files.

Added support for .mp3, .wmv and .wma files
Added support for bcm compressed files using bcm
Added support for zpaq archives using zpaq
Added support for Android boot images using bootimg (plugin)
Added support for Excelsior Installer executables
Added support for ISO zipped image files using unisz
Added status box to sfx script extraction
Added output directory permission check
Added update summary to update prompt
Added back is5comp (plugin)
Changed .exe detection logic for speed improvements
Changed file type detection: TrIDLib is now used for extraction, TrID for scan only mode, the library
version is much faster but returns less additional information
Changed settings directory: if UniExtract detects insufficient write permissions to its directory,
all settings are stored in %APPDATA%; this way multiple users on the same local system can
also have different preferences
Changed .exe extraction: UniExtract will now terminate with a NOTPACKED error instead of using
generic 7z extraction, which produces useless files
Changed success evaluation: if files were overwritten the extraction was often evaluated as failed
Changed success evaluation: improved failure detection
Changed keepopen option: moved from edit menu to main GUI for better usability
Fixed crash when clicking finish button in plugin GUI if no item has been selected before
Fixed helper binaries execution failing if %comspec% environment variable is unset
Fixed .pea detection
Fixed .chm extraction
Fixed .mht detection
Fixed FreeArc extraction
Fixed AdvancedInstaller extraction
Fixed registry keys are now being deleted after scanning if they did not exist before for ExeInfo, PEid
Fixed settings not being saved if UniExtract lays in program files directory due to lacking permission
Fixed updating/FFMPEG download if user has no write permissions to UniExtract's directory
Fixed free space check failing if output directory does not exist
Fixed not enough free space dialog's 'Abort' button not working
Fixed download progress indicator not being on top of first start GUI
Fixed first start GUI now shows 'Installed' if FFMPEG already exists
Fixed error message display bug for unicode files
Fixed some wrong detections
Fixed unicode multipart rar/7z archive extraction
Fixed unpack prompt in some cases being displayed again after the user clicked 'no'
Fixed 7zip check often returning true, even if the file cannot be extracted, leading to 'failed' extraction result
Fixed crash in update message when UniExtract is run from command line and 'No' is clicked
Fixed syntax help dialog closing automatically
Fixed possible false positives when using checkNSIS function
Fixed password detection for some .rar files
Fixed some untranslated terms in MethodSelect GUI
Removed globalprefs option and preference storage in registry
Removed faad and flac, extraction is now handled by FFMPEG
Removed unnecessary input file moves
Removed 7zip 15.14, reverted to 15.05 as NSIS support was dropped from newer versions
Updated ExeInfoPE to
Updated peazip to 0.53/1.0
Updated ttarchext to 0.2.9
Updated Japanese translation, thanks to A. Inaba
Updated Chinese (Simplified) translation, thanks to SeaHOH

2.0.0 Beta 2

08 Feb 07:20
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2.0.0 Beta 2 Pre-release

Added game mode: status box is not being displayed if a foreground fullscreen application is running
Added /update command line parameter
Added wrong password error message (exit code 10) for rar, 7z extractors
Added support for CreateInstall installers (plugin)
Added support for DGCA compressed files (plugin)
Added support for pcm audio tracks in video files and .mxf files
Added support for Advanced Installer installers
Added support for SQLite databases, creates .sql command file
Added fallback extension check for .assets files
Added import function to plugin GUI to simplify plugin setup
Fixed keepopen option not working after batch mode finished
Fixed SQLite dlls not being found
Fixed help command line parameter
Fixed storeguiposition and checkgame options not being saved
Fixed extraction failing for Gentee Installer, Installer VISE and Setup Factory
Fixed preferences and context menu GUI label width for some translations
Fixed updating 7zip binaries
Changed error message if no tracks to be extracted in video file
Changed WarnExecute messages to include full paths instead of untranslated ''
Updated innounp to 0.45
Updated unrar to 5.31 Beta 1
Updated 7zip to 15.14
Updated extraction script for Visionaire files
Updated finnish translation, thanks to Jyrki Vesterinen
Updated portuguese (Portugal) translation, thanks to Luis Neves
Updated russian translation, thanks to an anonymous contributor
Updated Portuguese (Brazilian) translation, thanks to Igor Rückert

2.0.0 Beta 1

01 Jan 16:32
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2.0.0 Beta 1 Pre-release

Added support for Ren'Py game engine's .rpa archives using unrpa
Added support for Unreal Engine packages (.u, .uax, .upk) using Unreal Package Extractor (plugin)
Added support for Telltale game archives (.ttarch)
Added support for Livemaker games via crass/crage (plugin)
Added support for .aac audio files (decompress to wav) using faad (plugin)
Added support for .flac audio files using flac
Added support for FreeArc compressed archives (.arc) using FreeArc unpacker
Added support for .mpq archives using MPQ Plugin for Total Commander (plugin)
Added support for .sfArk files using sfarkxtc
Added filescan with MediaInfo dll to provide additional information on media files (scan only mode)
Added delay to update script to prevent 'not found' error, changed execution parameter
Added 'Open program directory' help menu entry
Added file metadata (filesize, creation date,...) to log file when 'Ask for feedback' is enabled
Added timeout exit message
Added additional weblinks to help menu
Added option to disable video track extraction
Added support for Windows 10
Added explaining tooltips to some options
Added option to always keep GUI in foreground
Added tooltips to batch queue view
Added support for password list for .rar, .zip and .7z archives
Added input file not found error message
Fixed after update behaviour when other versions of UniExtract are installed
Fixed last update date not beeing saved when an update was found
Fixed AutoIt error message in first start GUI when no language file was found, now exits with error code 99
Fixed possible infinite loop in run function when helper binary execution terminates too fast, resulting in UniExtract not
shutting down after successful extraction
Fixed BMS scripts were not checked if GAUP detected files, but was unable to extract them
Fixed game archive detection if file extension is not lower case
Fixed detection of Matroska files, extraction of ogg and webm tracks in video files
Fixed context menu GUI: alluser checkboxes not clickable despite having admin rights
Fixed video extraction: multiple audio/video tracks had same names when extracted, so FFMPEG always asked to overwrite,
now type(audio/video) and number of track for each type is added as well as the track's language
Fixed folder size calculation in status box did not work correctly for FFMPEG and probably others
Fixed moving unicode tempfiles to output directory created subdirectory with temporary name
Fixed feedback success evaluation
Fixed some terms not using translation files
Fixed NSIS extraction overwriting existing files; UniExtract still creates not useful output files for some custom NSIS installers
but all content is now kept in output directory
Fixed occasionally high CPU load when reading console output
Fixed tray exit handler not terminating all helper binaries
Fixed FFMPEG updater
Fixed swf: extraction of .jpg files; performance slightly increased
Fixed GameSelect GUI: not a game message is now always the first element and preselected
Fixed unicode files are changed to ???????? and therefore fail to extract when adding them to batch queue
Fixed unicode files' extraction to subdir folder name
Fixed rar extraction returning success if there was a write error or access denied message
Fixed slowdown when extracting to drive root directory caused by size calculation
Fixed /prefs command line parameter not working
Fixed help screen closing after 15 seconds when opened from command line
Fixed some untranslated terms
Fixed rounding issues in free space check when using batch mode
Fixed error when trying to open SQLite database
Fixed scan only command being queued if batch mode is active
Fixed log file naming special cases
Changed percentage indicator detection to include float percentage values
Changed percentage indicator detection to include pattern x/y
Changed user input needed message should be more visible now
Changed check for update behaviour: check is only performed on start if GUI is opened; if run from command line or context menu,
it will be done right before terminating, so extraction/scan will not abort after installing update
Changed internal behaviour for extraction and game select functions
Changed language files, added new %name term to reduce %s usage
Changed FFMPEG is now downloaded to the correct subdirectory (x86/x64), so the appropriate version is used in portable mode on
different operating systems
Changed feedback GUI now displays privacy agreement before sending
Changed after update behaviour, most recent changelog is now opened
Changed translation files, removed %s variables and introduced numbered placeholders, that can be switched to
fit a language's word order; added %name shortcut
Changed unicode files are now renamed instead of moving them to a temporary directory if possible
Changed inno setup extraction to rename ',1' files to avoid extracted programs not finding some files
Changed GUI design on Windows 10 systems to fit standard window style
Changed multiple part rar files are now added only once to batch queue, so it is possible to drag and drop
all rar files onto UniExtract without having to deal with 'file exists' prompts
Disabled directory size calculation when extracting to drive to prevent significant slow down
Removed 64 bit iso.wcx plugin as it does not work correctly with QuickBMS
Replaced booz with unzoo (adds support for 64 bit systems, longer filenames, logging)
Replaced tee with mtee (adds support for unicode and longer filenames, smaller)
Replaced tee with wintee (Windows 10 only, due to mtee not terminating fast enough)
Updated AutoIt to
Updated unrar to 5.21
Updated fsbextract to 0.3.4a
Updated exeinfo PE to
Updated disunity to 0.3.4
Updated quickbms to 0.6.5
Updated innounp to 0.43
Updated language files, added new terms to all language files, set encoding to UTF-16, updated translation info text,
changed %s to %name and %1, %2,...