Chromebook support for Snap and Scratch
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Chrome Apps
Scratch Plugins
Snap Projects


The Chrome Apps folder contains the necessary chrome apps needed for scratch and snap to interface with the hummingbird and finch along with their source code. The Scratch Plugins contains extensions for scratchx that allow scratchx to talk with the chrome app. The snap projects folder contains starter projects for the finch and hummingbird that contain all the necessary blocks to contol the device. Before using either the snap projects or scratchx extensions, make sure the you first start the chrome app.

When working on a Mac, first run the "DisableAppNap.command" file in the Chrome Apps folder. You might need to run "chmod u+x DisableAppNap.command" from the terminal before you are allowed to execute the file. Double click the file and it will disable AppNap for the Finch/Hummingbird chrome apps as well as the BirdBrainRobotServer. Unfortunately on Macs, when an app is not visible on the screen (you can't see any part of the apps window) it slows down. This affects the chrome apps ability to get sensor data from both the Hummingbird and the Finch. As of now the only solution is to keep the chrome app visible while working on a mac.