This is the code behind Hummingbird's version of Ardublock, forked from Ardublock September 28, 2014
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This repository contains versions of Ardublock we built to include Hummingbird. There are two main (nearly identical) projects, each forked from the original Ardublock on September 28th, 2014. 

Project 1 is in the folder ardublock-master, and contains the code to build a simplified Ardublock tool that includes only Hummingbird blocks and basic code blocks.

Project 2 is in the folder ardublock-all, and simply adds the Hummingbird blocks to the version of Ardublock that existed in late September 2014 (including all other contributed block libraries).

All our code is released under the same License as Ardublock (GPL 3.0). 

Please contact Tom Lauwers ( for more information.