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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import types
import weakref
# Stores all lazy attributes for counter creation
_lazies = []
_cache = weakref.WeakValueDictionary()
_scope = []
except NameError:
unicode = str
def lazy(f):
"""Stores the method creation counter and sets it as a classmethod.
f.counter = len(_lazies)
return classmethod(f)
def get_priority(value):
if isinstance(value, type) and issubclass(value, Set):
return SetMeta.classes[value]
return 0
def iter_bases(cls):
yield cls
for base in cls.__bases__:
if not type(base) is type(cls):
for cls in iter_bases(base):
yield cls
def get_dict(value):
d = {}
for base in reversed(list(iter_bases(type(value)))):
return d
def iter_set(fixture):
members = []
d = get_dict(fixture)
for name, value in d.items():
if name.startswith('_'):
members.append((get_priority(value), name))
if not members:
return members
return list(zip(*sorted(members)))[1]
class Distillery(object):
"""Base class for ORM dependent distilleries.
def bulk(cls, count, **kwargs):
"""Bluck creates new instances.
def format(value, i):
if type(value) in (str, unicode):
value = value % {'i': str(i)}
return value
instances = []
for i in range(count):
k = {key: format(kwargs[key], i) for key in kwargs}
return instances
def create(cls, **kwargs):
"""Inits, populates and saves a object instance.
instance = cls.init(**kwargs)
instance =
if hasattr(cls, '_after_create'):
return instance
def init(cls, **kwargs):
"""Inits and populate object instance.
cls._sequence = cls.get_next_sequence()
def set(instance, attr, value):
if attr not in dir(instance):
raise AttributeError(
"`%s` has no attribute `%s`."
% (instance.__class__.__name__, attr)
if callable(value):
value = value(instance)
setattr(instance, attr, value)
instance = cls.__model__()
# kwargs
for key in kwargs:
set(instance, key, kwargs.get(key))
def get_counter(arg):
m = arg[1]
return m.counter if hasattr(m, 'counter') else 0
# Class members
# Sets basic attributes then lazy ones by creation order
for key, member in sorted(
[(k, getattr(cls, k)) for k in dir(cls)],
if (
key not in Distillery.__dict__ and
not key.startswith('_') and
key not in kwargs
if callable(member):
value = member(instance, cls._sequence)
value = member
set(instance, key, value)
return instance
def save(cls, instance):
"""Saves given object instance.
raise NotImplementedError()
def get_next_sequence(cls):
"""Returns the next sequence value for lazies.
if not hasattr(cls, '_sequence'):
return 0
return cls._sequence + 1
class SetMeta(type):
"""Adds a `_set_class` property to all fixtures class in a set.
counter = 0
classes = weakref.WeakKeyDictionary()
def __new__(meta, name, bases, dict_):
meta.counter += 1
new = type.__new__(meta, name, bases, dict_)
for key in dict_:
if not key.startswith('_'):
member = getattr(new, key)
if not isinstance(member, types.MethodType):
setattr(member, '_set_class', new)
meta.classes[new] = meta.counter
return new
BaseSet = SetMeta(str('BaseSet'), (), {})
class Set(BaseSet):
def __new__(cls, *args, **kwargs):
"""Creates new `cls` instance or return the existing one.
instance = _cache.get(cls)
if instance is None:
instance = super(Set, cls).__new__(cls)
instance._fixtures = {}
instance._foreign_sets = {}
_cache[cls] = instance
_scope.append(set((instance, )))
return instance
def __init__(self, on_demand=False):
self._on_demand = on_demand
if not on_demand:
for member in iter_set(self):
getattr(self, member)
assert self in _scope.pop()
def __getattribute__(self, attr):
if attr.startswith('_'):
return super(Set, self).__getattribute__(attr)
if attr not in dir(self):
raise AttributeError('Invalid fixture `%s`.' % attr)
if attr not in self._fixtures:
fixture = super(Set, self).__getattribute__(attr)
if isinstance(fixture, types.MethodType):
# Fixture is a callable
instance = fixture()
expected_class = self.__distillery__.__model__
if not isinstance(instance, expected_class):
raise Exception(
"%s must return a %s instance"
% (fixture, expected_class.__name__)
elif issubclass(fixture, Set):
# Fixture is an embedded set
instance = self._get_foreign_set_instance(fixture)
# Fixture is a fixture
kwargs = {}
for key in dir(fixture):
if not key.startswith('_'):
kwargs[key] = self._get_member(fixture, key)
instance = self.__distillery__.create(**kwargs)
if not issubclass(instance.__class__, Set) and \
hasattr(fixture, '_after_create'):
self._fixtures[attr] = instance
return self._fixtures[attr]
def _get_instance(cls, on_demand):
instance = _cache.get(cls)
if instance is None:
instance = cls(on_demand)
_cache[cls] = instance
return instance
def _get_foreign_set_instance(self, set_class):
set_ = set_class._get_instance(self._on_demand)
self._foreign_sets[set_class.__name__] = set_
return set_
def _get_member(self, fixture, key):
def _get_parent_class(member):
if hasattr(member, 'im_class'):
return member.im_class
elif hasattr(member, '__self__'):
return member.__self__.__class__
def _get_foreign(member):
if hasattr(member, '_set_class'):
set_class = member._set_class
set_class = _get_parent_class(member)
if set_class is None:
raise Exception(
'%s does not appear to be a valid fixture' % member
set_ = self._get_foreign_set_instance(set_class)
return getattr(set_, member.__name__)
member = getattr(fixture, key)
if isinstance(member, list) or isinstance(member, tuple):
member = [_get_foreign(m) for m in member]
elif callable(member):
parent = _get_parent_class(member)
if parent is not None and not issubclass(parent, Set):
member = member()
if hasattr(member, '_set_class'):
member = _get_foreign(member)
member = _get_foreign(member)
return member
class DjangoDistillery(Distillery):
def save(cls, instance):
return instance
class SQLAlchemyDistillery(Distillery):
def save(cls, instance):
return instance