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Adds a test case to insure Distillery.bulk() handles non str or unico…

…de values
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commit 0fd85e4df27a9b7437a40be51dd0d695abef937a 1 parent bd83c4b
jean-philippe serafin jeanphix authored
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5 tests/
@@ -80,6 +80,11 @@ def test_bulk_insert_default(self):
self.assertEqual(len(users), 1)
self.assertEqual(users[0].username, 'defaultuser')
+ def test_bulk_insert_non_string(self):
+ company = self.CompanyDistillery.create(name='another company')
+ users = self.UserDistillery.bulk(1, company=company)
+ self.assertEqual(users[0].company, company)
class SetSuite():
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