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buster-cljs Build Status

buster-cljs provides an easy and convenient way to test your Clojure/Clojurescript source code by using the same testsuite code base.

This library not only offers a similar interface as the one found in the `clojure.test' library, but also the powerful buster.js test architecture.

Project Goals

There are some ports of `clojure.test' already out there, so why build yet another one? Birdseye Software strongly believes that the most important thing is not the test API but rather, what facilities the test platform provides; buster allows you to:

  • Use different browsers1 as slaves to run your tests; just set up the buster.js node server, connet to it through the browser you want to slave (might be a machine or a mobile phone), and click a button. No plugins required to be installed on your browser.

  • Run your testsuite in both your browser and node.

  • Easy integration with phantomjs for headless testing.

Project Maturity

buster-cljs is a very young library; started in November 2012, used from the start to test all the Clojure/Clojurescript libraries that Birdseye Software develops.


buster-cljs is released to clojars. If you are using maven, add the following repository definition to your pom.xml


The most recent release

With leiningen:

[com.birdseye-sw/buster-cljs "0.1.0"]

With Maven:


Getting Started

Please refer to our Getting Started guide.

Documentation & Examples

Please refer to our documentation site, our test suite or the examples folder for some examples

Supported Clojure Versions

This library has been tested on Clojure 1.4 and Clojurescript version that comes bundled with lein-cljsbuild 0.2.9


Copyright © 2012 Birdseye Software

Distributed under the MIT License.


[1]: browsers might be running in different machines of the same network