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Gradle Utils

A small utility for gradle dependency management that saves a lot of precious time of developer wasted on finding required dependencies for Android libraries.

Remember that time when you need to create new project and add all the required dependencies? Googling each and every dependency and adding it to the build.gradle file is such a pain. No one dares to try to remember those dependencies with their version (unless you're a quantum computer or Alien) as it's very difficult to remember.

Another option is to use project structure dialog from which we can search for dependencies on jcenter and google repositories and add them to our project. But it doesn't work properly often. It never shows some dependencies or shows a lot of dependencies with third-party libraries and makes it harder to get the one you want. Even if it works for you, then everytime you have to do it for very common and standard dependencies like adding recyclerview, retrofit or room.

Gradle utils can help you with that! All you have to do is run a simple command. This utility makes use of Gradle kotlin DSL and buildSrc folder to do the magic! If you don't know what are those and how it works, refer to the quick explanation here.

Alright! It's fine if you don't know the details on how it works, you can still use it easily.


It is an attempt to reduce a developer's work of finding dependencies and using them. It allows you to use majority of common dependencies that an Android developer needs everyday. Note that it has a limited set of pre-available dependencies which you can use in your project.

You won't be able to find all the third-party dependencies that you use as there are quite large number of libraries out there and it doesn't make sense to include all of them. But if you find any useful and very common library missing, you're always welcome to contribute to that or to raise an issue on github.

Note: This is utility is under development and will be released soon! Although, you can use available dependencies. It's completely safe.


  • Auto complete support
  • Easy to remember and use
  • Doesn't affect your APK size
  • Allows to use custom versions
  • Easy to install and modify
  • Integrates nicely with build.gradle and extensively with build.gradle.kts.
  • Make your life easy!


open terminal at the root of your project or open terminal in Android studio and execute the following command. Please note that this command is very primary and it assumes that you're running it for the first time, so if you're not running it for the first time, be sure to delete buildSrc folder from the root directory of your project before executing it.


git clone && xcopy  gradle-utils\buildSrc buildSrc /e /i /h && RMDIR /Q/S gradle-utils && gradlew build

Mac & Linux:

git clone && cp -a gradle-utils/buildSrc ./ && rm -rf gradle-utils && chmod -R 777 ./gradlew && ./gradlew build

How to use

Once you install it on your project and gradle build suceeds, you can get rid of all the static dependencies in your build.gradle file.

You can find the list of all the available dependencies here

It is very easy to use this utility. All you have to do it just think of what you want to add. Let's see one example:

This what we used to do before: Suppose we want to add recyclerview dependency, we google it or use project structure dialog to get the dependency which looks like this: androidx.recyclerview:recyclerview:1.x.x, which looked like this in your build.gradle file:

dependencies {
    implementation 'androidx.recyclerview:recyclerview:1.x.x'

Now, you only have to write what you want. It looks much better an very easy to remember:

dependencies {
    implementation AndroidX.recyclerView

Want to add room? Easy...

dependencies {
    implementation Room.runtime
    implementation Room.compiler

This by default uses latest version. Want to change room version?

dependencies {
    Room.version = "2.0.0"
    implementation Room.runtime
    implementation Room.compiler

It will change the version of all the room dependencies that you use! Isn't is awesome?

Alright! Room has multiple dependecies so you could access version property and you changed the version used for Room. But what if you want to change the version of a single dependency like AppCompat? That's also easy:


dependencies {
    implementation With.version(AndroidX.appCompat,"1.0.2")

Syntax for .build file is a little bit lengthy as it doesn't support kotlin's beautiful syntax. Checkout this demo below:



dependencies {
    implementation(AndroidX.appCompat version "1.0.2")

Checkout this demo below:


Pull Request

To generate a pull request, please consider following Pull Request Template.


To submit an issue or a feature request, please check the Issue Templates.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct


You are most welcome to contribute to this project! We're looking for contributors who add missing dependencies, update versions and help to manage documentation.

Please have a look at Contributing Guidelines, before contributing and proposing a change.


   Copyright © 2019 BirjuVachhani

   Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
   you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
   You may obtain a copy of the License at

   Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
   distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
   See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
   limitations under the License.
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