@ajrbyers ajrbyers released this Aug 10, 2018 · 11 commits to v1.3 since this release

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1.3 Doctor includes various fixes, new features and enhancements. 138 issues were closed during the development of 1.3 and its the largest (other than 1.0) version so far.

New Features

New features added into 1.3 can be viewed here:

Feature Enhancements

Work on existing features can be found here:


Bug fixes applied in 1.3 can be found here:

@ajrbyers ajrbyers released this Apr 19, 2018 · 35 commits to v.1.2.4 since this release

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Various bug fixes from 1.2.2 and 1.2.3.

@ajrbyers ajrbyers released this Dec 15, 2017 · 44 commits to v1.2.2 since this release

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1.2.2 brings improvements to 1.2's Preprints system including:

New Features

  • Homepage Element for featuring preprints
  • A new page for displaying preprint subject editors
  • Preprint filter links are now displayed on the preprint list page
  • Update mailgun integration to use webhooks
  • Preprints can now be submitted to journals that allow them
  • Preprint versions are sent for moderation before they go live


  • General fixes to the Preprint article pages that show inappropriate links (like Copyediting and Production)
  • Fixes for How to Cite modal citations
  • Fixed issue where having no press logo would cause all frontend urls to 404
  • Added missing elements to the collapsed OLH theme menu
  • Updated article log to hide the headers section for non-email log entries
  • Added a link to complete an incomplete preprint submission
  • Added a link to view rejected preprints for preprint managers
  • Blocked users from uploading arbitrary files (ie. you cannot rename and HTML .pdf and upload it as a preprint manuscript)

A list of all issues is available on 1.2.2 milestone https://github.com/BirkbeckCTP/janeway/milestone/7?closed=1

@ajrbyers ajrbyers released this Nov 21, 2017

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1.2 Tuvok includes various security fixes, an implementation for regression testing, bug fixes and some security updates.

New Features:

  • A new Preprint repository feature. This is a press wide feature and can be enabled from Press > Manager > Press Settings. Once enabled a new Preprint Setting and Preprint License option is displayed on the press manager.
  • Reviewers who's interests match article keywords are displayed at the top of the Review Assignment list
  • An improved author dashboard
  • Reviewers can download all assigned files as a zip in one go
  • Reminders manager now makes it easier to generate a new template
  • Added a new interactive management command to alter press/journal domains
  • A basic article analytics report is now available
  • A new report for broken DOIs has been added
  • The journal manager page now displays a list of the most recently published articles
  • Fixed featured journals configurations page being blank
  • Added a neat interface for managing licences
  • Add a user History page accessible from the Manager > Users page.
  • Review form elements can now have a default visibility so that if the editor sets a review to be visible, element answers will take the default behavior
  • Users submitting articles can now re-order authors
  • Added a new journal setting that will automatically add the submitting user as an author of a paper if enabled

Other enhancements:

  • Review now has a framework for regression testing that will be rolled to all apps as bugs are found
  • Docstrings have been added to view functions
  • Templates without titles have had them added
  • Changed the version of Django Summernote to fix a bug where updates were not saved if the user was in Code view mode
  • Relocated the ReviewForm management interface to the Review app
  • Various updates to the default template
  • Added a new books plugin compatible with 1.0, 1.1, 1.1.1 and 1.2

A full list of issues dealt with in this release can be found in the milestone.

@ajrbyers ajrbyers released this Sep 1, 2017 · 1013 commits to master since this release

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1.1 Chakotay contains various bug fixes and new features with 36 issues closed.


  • Journals now use the Janeway logo as their default until over-written
  • Article thumbnails will not stretch over into the title box
  • Article thumbnails will be hidden on smaller devices (OLH Theme only)
  • A new article display page has been added for authors where they can see article metadata and progress
  • News has been moved to its own app, a data migration takes care of moving model data
  • News items can have tags, and the news list can be filtered by tag
  • Required fields will display an Asterisk
  • Users can now reset their passwords on the profile page
  • The RSS pages have been updated to fix a bug where no Site object was found
  • Janeway's front end has been updated to handle remote articles, allowing for Overlay Journals, the Back Content plugin has been updated to make loading of remote articles easier
  • Janeway now supports path based journals, this means that you can run all of your journals from a single domain instead of multiple domains (example.com/ctp instead of ctp.example.com). Multiple domains are still the primary form of multi site.
  • Integration with Google's reCaptcha v2
  • Login ban for users who attempt login too many times

@ajrbyers ajrbyers released this Aug 10, 2017

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v1.0, Kathryn release 10/08/17 features a full journal platform and a basic press site.

Janeway is still under heavy development and we welcome any feedback via our issues section.

Live versions of the Janeway software can be found: