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Hardware Club

Quiz Project


  • Controller (arduino in this case)
  • x4 Buttons
  • x1 Resistor (2.2Kohm)
  • Some wires and connectors


  • Example server
  • Example event listeners

This project requires node.js to run.


0. Read a button

First of lets see what kind of input a button can give. There is example code in the [Buttons folder]

The gist being;

  • Setup the inputs
  • Setup the outputs (in this case the serail connection to tell us what the board is reading)
  • read the button

1. Read 4 buttons

Now read 4 buttons and print something different depending on the button pressed. An example can be found in template4buttons folder]

2. Make a simon says game

You'll have to do some research for this one.

Using the proided website in the public folder you could generate a sequence the buttons must be clicked in and validate the user input of the order.

3. Add Scores to Simon

Once you've got user input being validated you can start scoring progress. There is code included for this but you'll have to look at raceClicks for examples.

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