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Programming with hardware.
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Hardware Club

Wednesday After School

3:10pm to 4pm, IT Room U5

Learn programming with basic hardware to control lights and motors. We currently have room for a maximum of 10 people and there's around 5 spots still going. Currently this club is open for year 9 and up to join in.

Starting next academic year there will be more spots available and a re-cap so anything won't be missed.


For this club we've got a number of ARDX Start Kits complete with Arduino Uno boards. Using these boards you will complete the projects listed below and then go on to create whatever you want.

It is not necessary to purchase this equipment. Links are provided purely for information.

You are welcome to bring your own equipment but it is your responsibility to keep it safe.


0. Circuits and software [View]

With this project you'll start with zero programming or circuits knowledge and learn to;

  • wire a LED array
  • use variables
  • create your own function
  • use parameters

[Full Project]

1. Robot Driving Lesson [View]

With an Arduino we will DIY our own brain to drive the Big Trak Rovers around a course. This is the first step on a path to making hardware work for you.

With the skills gained from getting started with project zero reverse engineer how these robots are controlled and do it yourself better than the creators. You'll want to master functions, parameters and variables to make life easy here.

You will finish this project with an understanding of how to learn something you don't have any idea to do in the first place.

[Full Project]

2. Serially Working [View]

The plan is loosely:

  • Serial Talking, uses the serial monitor to accept input and perform logic with a response.
  • Temperature Sensor, analogue input and the serial monitor
  • Light Sensor, repeat analogue input and serial monitor.
  • Potentiometer, input with analogue and debugging with the serial monitor
  • Servo Motor, Move positions with an analogue output.

[Full Project]

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