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Mulitplayer game where fastest clicks will get to the end first. Created with the students in the hardware club.
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The game works by;

  • Each user can choose their own name
  • Users must reach the same goal of clicks to score a win
  • All progress resets upon a win
  • Wins are shown at the top of the page


  1. Copy the files to a folder from the ZIP download or clone from github
  2. Using the command line, navigate to that folder
  3. Install the dependencies with npm install
  4. Start the server with npm run start
  5. open a web browser at the address shown. By default here

Join in!

  • Why not have a go at adding another button to click.
  • A more advanced task would be to show the current count on the button.
  • Add animation to changes on the page
  • by editing the server and client files have the page show new users the current clicks
  • track a score for the total amount of times the buttons reached full
  • Ask for a username and join the group
  • Show all the users to a new user, not just the defaults list and users since they joined.
  • Show the current progress to new users when they join. Don't wait for each player to click again.
  • Show the current scores to new users
  • Design a leaderboard
  • track the winning users in to scores on a leaderboard.
  • ... anything you want!

Next things to do

  1. Describe or list some of the features of this app on here! (How is it used, etc.)
  2. Once a new user is added, hide the popover form.
  3. How will new users be told about the aleady existing players?
  4. How can we also share the game state (i.e. Curent progress)?
  5. Can we tally the number of wins into a table
  6. How about saving the table into a leaderboard?
  7. What if you changed the games into timed rounds that start at once, instead of its continuous form now.
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