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If you like to use FPSmeter.org with your personal Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Server, just install this small and fine mod to your server.

This mod provides all functionalities to work with FPSmeter.org.


  • Copy the FPSmeter-jc3mp directory to your server packages folder.
  • Execute npm install inside the packages/FPSmeter-jc3mp directory.
  • Restart your server.

How does this work?

Just install this plugin to your packages folder on your Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Server. After installing it and restarting the server, you are able to use FPSmeter.org to measure your Server Performance.


Please change the configuration file on your own. Also make sure that your Firewall allows incoming TCP traffic on the specified port.

module.exports = {
    queryPort: 11100,
    host: "",
    password: "mySpecialPassword"

Advanced Usage

If you like to use the Websocket connection for your own, just take a look into the sample_server.rb file.