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A version of Theos/CydiaSubstrate for non-jailbroken iOS devices
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Theos and Cycript for non-jailbroken iOS devices

This fork of Theos is designed to work with apps on non-jailbroken iOS devices. You MUST have an Apple iOS Developer account in order to use this (for code-signing purposes).

  • You use it just as you would for a jailbroken device tweak (edit Tweak.xm then "make")
  • It integrates CydiaSubstrate
  • It integrates Cycript
  • It patches App Store apps (.ipa files) to load CydiaSubstrate, your tweak, Cycript, etc
  • It re-signs the patched app using your Apple iOS Developer certificate
  • You can then (re)install the patched app to your jailed device using XCode
  • You can remotely attach to Cycript using cycript -r hostname:31337


  • iOS device
  • Apple Developer account
  • XCode with iPhone SDK
  • Patience and luck

Quick How-to

  • Extract and decrypt your target app. Save as a .ipa.
  • Check out this project
  • Change to the base directory for your new tweak
  • Run /path/to/theos-jailed/bin/
  • Configure as you normally would for a regular Theos tweak
  • Once done, change into your new tweak directory
  • Edit Tweak.xm as necessary
  • Run make to build your tweak
  • Run ./ info /path/to/your/file.ipa
  • Take the information from that and use the Apple Member Center to create a matching Provisionin Profile.
  • Save the Provisioning Profile somewhere on your computer.
  • Run patch /path/to/your/file.ipa /path/to/your/file.mobileprovision to inject the tweak into your .ipa
  • Install the patched .ipa back onto your device using XCode.

More instructions to follow!

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