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A ZigBee hacking toolkit by Bishop Fox
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ZigDiggity - Logo

ZigDiggity Version 2

Introducing ZigDiggity 2.0, a ZigBee penetration testing framework created by Matt Gleason & Francis Brown of Bishop Fox. Special thanks to Caleb Marion!

ZigDiggity version 2 is a major overhaul of the original package and aims to enable cybersecurity professionals, auditors, and developers to run complex interactions with ZigBee networks using a single device.

2019 - Black Hat USA 2019 & DEF CON 27 - links, slides, and videos


ZigDiggity 2019 DEMO



Do you feel safe in your home with the security system armed? You may reconsider after watching a demo of our new hacking toolkit, ZigDiggity, where we target door & window sensors using an "ACK Attack". ZigDiggity will emerge as the weapon of choice for testing Zigbee-enabled systems, replacing all previous efforts.

Zigbee continues to grow in popularity as a method for providing simple wireless communication between devices (i.e. low power/traffic, short distance), & can be found in a variety of consumer products that range from smart home automation to healthcare. Security concerns introduced by these systems are just as diverse and plentiful, underscoring a need for quality assessment tools.

Unfortunately, existing Zigbee hacking solutions have fallen into disrepair, having barely been maintained, let alone improved upon. Left without a practical way to evaluate the security of Zigbee networks, we've created ZigDiggity, a new open-source pentest arsenal from Bishop Fox.

Our DEMO-rich presentation showcases ZigDiggity's attack capabilities by pitting it against common Internet of Things (IoT) products that use Zigbee. Come experience the future of Zigbee hacking, in a talk that the New York Times will be hailing as "a veritable triumph of the human spirit." ... ya know, probably


Using a default install of Raspbian, perform the following steps:

  • Plug your Raspbee into your Raspberry Pi
  • Enable serial using the sudo raspbi-config command
    • Select "Advanced Options/Serial"
    • Select NO to "Would you like a login shell to be accessible over serial?"
    • Select YES to enabling serial
    • Restart the Raspberry Pi
  • Install GCFFlasher available Here
  • Flash the Raspbee's firmware
    • sudo GCFFlasher -f firmware/zigdiggity_raspbee.bin
    • sudo GCFFlasher -r
  • Install the python requirements using pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  • Patch scapy sudo cp patch/ /usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages/scapy/layers/
  • Install wireshark on the device using sudo apt-get install wireshark


The current version of ZigDiggity is solely designed for use with the Raspbee


Currently scripts are available in the root of the repository, they can all be run using Python3:

python3 -c 15

When running with wireshark, root privileges may be required.


  • - Performs the acknowledge attack against a given network.
  • - Sends a single beacon and listens for a short time. Intended for finding which networks are near you.
  • - Examines the network traffic on a channel to determine if device behavior looks like a lock. Displays which devices it thinks are locks.
  • - Runs an insecure rejoin attempt on the target network.
  • - Listens on a channel piping all output to wireshark for viewing.
  • - Moves between channels listening and piping the data to wireshark for viewing.
  • - Attempts to unlock a target lock


The patterns used by ZigDiggity version 2 are designed to be as reliable as possible. The tool is still in fairly early stages of development, so expect to see improvements over time.

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