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Meetup Tutorial

To organize Bitnation meetups, please contact @erikv_93 on Telegram or via email.

Before starting to organize physical meetups, please have a look at our entry-level tasks for new ambassadors:

Ambassadors earn $50 in XPAT for each meetup that they organize and meet the criteria (present complete documentation like video footage or pictures, at least 20 meetup participants, duration of minimum 15 minutes and correct presentation of contents).

The meetups are result-oriented. We don't just want to raise awareness about the project, but we want to gather localized ideas for DApp prototypes that could result from a brainstorming or a panel discussion. Eventually we could use these local governance projects for a tokenized crowdfunding using XPAT.

The local governance problems identified at each meetup need to be documented here for further discussions with developers and the team:

You are free to use your own presentation, but we have a standard deck prepared for you :)

Translations of the materials for localized meetups are more than welcome, we can also reward you in XPAT for these tasks.

Please make sure to read our latest whitepaper and some of our newest steemit updates before organizing physical meetups:

Welcome to the team :)

Erik Vollstädt

Bitnation Lead Ambassador & Community Director