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BITNATION and Pangea Documents, Resources and Contributor Guidelines

✌️ The community is one of the driving forces of BITNATION. To be resilient, we need a decentralised community of contributors, as much as we need a decentralised technology. It doesn’t matter what your profession is, your skill level, your nationality, age, education or gender. Everyone is welcome to join in to help make BITNATION and our Pangea software a success that changes the status quo of governance. 🌎🌏🌍

To get to know us, the best place to start is through:

  • Install the Pangea Jurisdiction on Android (search for Bitnation in the Google Play store) and via TestFlight on iOS. Download the TestFlight app from the iOS app store, then go to the Bitnation website and click on the iOS button to get an invitation code via email. Make sure to use the email associated with your Apple account.
  • Install the desktop client for Linux, Windows and Mac here. WARNING: it's solely intended for testing, not commercial usage at this stage.
  • Join the dev- and non-developer community on Discord. If the first link doesn't work, use this link instead.
  • Join the non-developer community on Telegram.
  • Join the developer community on Gitter.
  • Contribute to the code on GitHub.

Visit the official Bitnation website to stay updated on our latest developments.

If you want to familiarise yourself with Bitnation, here are some key documents to read:

Support our work with ETH and XPAT:

The Bitnation Pangea Jurisdiction is a free and open source project

ETH address: 0xCDE042543307966bc16Eff3cDca4d32B23408C4c

XPAT address: 0xCDE042543307966bc16Eff3cDca4d32B23408C4c

The funds will be transferred to a DBVN structure where you can vote on development prorities proposals, after the release v. 1.1 of the Desktop client spring 2019. Until then you can add your proposal suggestions on

BITNATION Overview and Philosophy:

BITNATION and Pangea History:

Media Channels:



Key documents including the Pangea Whitepaper are in separate folders in this repository.

Current translations include:

If you want to contribute with additional translations, please contract @erikV_93 on Telegram.

Community Resources

If you want to contribute to the growth of the Bitnation community and our mission - this is the place for you.

The best place to get to know the community is to join our Discord channel or our Telegram channel and start contributing. It's helpful to write a short introduction about yourself and what you're interested in doing. Please keep in mind that these are public spaces which anyone can join, which means anyone can read your conversation, hence do not say anything that might put you at risk legally or security wise in any of the public channels. Our Slack channel is still used, but we can't accept anymore people into it, due to the Slack restrictions.

The Slack, Discord and Telegram communities will be moved to Pangea in 2019, when the desktop client launches.

Pangea Arbitration Token (XPAT) Wallets

Pangea Arbitration Token (XPAT) Exchanges

More exchanges are added every month.

Pangea Arbitration Token (XPAT) on market analysis websites:

XBNX to Pangea Arbitration Token (XPAT) swaps:

  • Official swap page The token swap has been executed but the swap request page will stay up until the end of 2019.

Join the Ambassador and Embassy Networks

The Ambassador and Embassy networks were conceived as analogue versions of Pangea. A real world network of people and places where digital nomads can get advice, peer-to-peer assistance, meet-up and hang out. There are three types of Bitnation representatives:

  • Diplomatic Ambassadors: Official Bitnation positions to perform duties as Officers working as our interface with existing Nations, as well as new virtual Nations.
  • Diplomatic Consuls: Also an Official position. A support to both our Ambassadors and to Nation State embassies and consulates engaging with our Citizens in the location of our Embassies and Consulates.
  • Goodwill Ambassadors: Informal but officially recognised representative of Bitnation during events (such as DEVCONs). Promotes and supports Bitnation and our services and provides a point of contact for our Citizens.

Embassies and Consulates are where share their space, whether it’s an office, coffee shop or your home, and open it up for fellow citizens, hackers and crypto aficionados around the world! There are two types of places, Embassies and Consulates.

  • Embassy A place where you can both live, and work (and naturally, meet).
  • Consulate A place where you can work – like a shared office space or cafe, for instance – or maybe organise a meetup or a hangout.

Bitnation has over 100 embassies, consulates worldwide. You can find out more about the Ambassador Network. All these functions will soon be moved from the website to the Pangea software.

Start Your Own Nation

The Pangea software is setup for you to create your own Decentralized Borderless Voluntary Nation (DBVN). You can set it up directly on the Android and iOS app, with a small amount of ETH gas. Here are a few resources read up on before you setup your own Nation:

Submit a Local or Global Governance Project Idea

You can submit an idea for a local or global governance project on our website, and vote and discuss pros and cons of others people's proposal. Keep in mind that you're likely to get more feedback if your proposal has clear and specific goals, timelines, expected outcomes and measurable deliverables.

Some of the proposals might be funded by Bitnation as DApps or Incubated Nation ideas.

Help with Documentation, Translation and Educational Resources

Good documentation is key for an Open Source Software movement.

  • Help documenting best practices, key events, processes etc.
  • Translate materials like Whitepapers, community updates, articles, videos.
  • Create manuals, videos and blog posts to help explain how to be part of the community and how to use the software.

Help Grow our Community through Outreach and Engagement

There are many ways to help grow the movement through outreach and communication. Here's a list of a few activites that are really impactful.

  • Organize Online Google Hangouts and Local Meetups.
  • Produce content, like YouTube videos, software demo videos, graphic materials, blog post etc.
  • Help newcomers on Telegram to understand BITNATION and find their way around the app and our resources (like this one here).
  • Help people outside of our community to understand more about BITNATION, the Pangea software, cryptocurrencies, decentralized technologies, the importance of privacy and security and everything else beautiful in the world 😄.

Community Code of Conduct

The generic Citizen Code of Conduct is applied to most repositories and channels within BITNATION. However, here are some values we would like to highlight more specifically.

  • Clarity above all Understanding the challenges of communicating across different timezones, culture and personalities both during written and verbal communications. It’s advisable to avoid sweeping statements in favor of clearly articulated sentences with well defined purposes.
  • Refrain from jumping to conclusions A fundamental problem in many conversations is that we overestimate others capacity to understand our written and verbal communications, and we overestimate our own capacity to understand what they’re trying to communicate. When analyzing what the other person is trying to communicate, take their context into account, including things like timezone, native language, and personal circumstances.
  • Respectfulness We have come together to change the status quo through creating kickass software, to that end being disrespectful can divert the conversation from our set purpose into irrelevant areas. Personal slights and attacks does not foster a good collaborative space, it's wise to avoid them. When we are emotionally affected by communications, attempt to take a step backwards and swallow the chill pill.

Development Resources

Getting Started

We use PivotalTracker for project management. It is essentially a Scrum board similar to Trello. It allows us to have better transparency as a team regarding what the status of our work is, and what our near-term roadmap is. It's a new tool for most of us, so we're still getting the hang of best practices. As of 12/7/2018, our primary board and our architecture board is open to the public, in the interest of transparency and collaboration.

The best way to get involved in the development process is through joining Gitter after reading the following documentation. You can also get an invitation to the core development team on Discord.

If your aim is to develop a custom governance DApp or Bot on Pangea, please start with reading this DApp Engine documentation.

Languages and Frameworks

  • Panthalassa, our mesh network backend written in Go containing the wallet and other utils here.
  • Pangea is our mobile frontend repository, this version is made with React Native.
  • Our token Pangea Arbitration Token (PAT), smart contracts, and reputation system is written in Solidity.

Whitepaper, Roadmap and Development Updates


We are pinning relevant repositories on our profile.

API, Development Tools and Documentation

Look at each key repository for individual development guidelines, here are the generic ones:

UI/UX Resources

  • UI/UX matters are discussed on the Bitnation Core Slack.
  • Please have a look at our branding guidelines repo where you will find resources like branding and UI source files.
  • Our Logo source files
  • Our Font Guidelines

Solidity Contracts

Release Model

  • We're using a Continues Delivery (CD) release model using Bitrise.
  • Before releasing we are making sure all unit tests are passing.

Software Testing, Bug Bounties, and Bug Reports

We are trying to maximize our code testing coverage, thus all the different repositories are shipping with unit tests compliant to the language or framework standard.

  • The current version of the Pangea React Native frontend is being built here, please review and contribute.
  • You can use Bitnation directly on your Android and iOS phone (via Testflight). It's currently on Ethereum mainnet, although more chains will be added shortly (Bitcoin via Rootstock, EOS and Lisk).
  • Key Solidity contracts are audited by external auditors, primarily ABDK Consultants and ZK Labs.

Bug bounties will be announced shortly.

Add your own ERC20 token to the Bitnation Jurisdiction wallet

Follow the instructions in this repository.

Add your own DApp/ Contract/ Service/ Product to the Bitnation Jurisdiction GOVMARKET

Follow the instructions in this repository.

Code Commit Guidelines and Code of Conduct

  • Some repositories includes issue or pull request templates, use them whenever possible.
  • Make your commit messages clear, and try to follow the same pattern than the one used in the target repo.
  • Please avoid duplicating any issue or pull request, any duplicate will be closed.
  • Split your different changes in a clear way via commits, it will make the reviewer's task easier.
  • Only one major change should be submitted per pull requests, help us review your code faster!
  • Last but not least: be respectfull, no abuses will be ever tolerated and could result to the close of your issue/pull request without further notice.

Core Code Contributors

Additional Learning Resources:

Made with ❤️ at BITNATION.


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