Content management system for eCommerce apps created on Sylius platform. Build with Sylius code quality, flexibility, BDD.
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Almost each eCommerce app has to present some content. Managing it is often done via third-party libraries like Wordpress, eZ Platform or a built-in content management system. As Sylius does not have a CMS in the standard platform, we decided to develop our own which will be as flexible as Sylius. This plugin allows you to add dynamic blocks with images, text or HTML to your storefront as well as pages and FAQs section.


You can order our support on this page.

We work on amazing eCommerce projects on top of Sylius and Pimcore. Need some help or additional resources for a project? Write us an email on or visit our website! 🚀


We created a demo app with some useful use-cases of the plugin! Visit to take a look at it. The admin can be accessed under link and sylius: sylius credentials.

We also recorded a webinar which presents most of the plugin features, including how they have been implemented and specific use-cases.




Learn more about our contribution workflow on