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This plugin lets you deploy your sites to BitBalloon with a Grunt task.

Getting Started

npm install grunt-bitballoon --save-dev

Once the plugin has been installed, it may be enabled inside your Gruntfile with this line of JavaScript:


BitBalloon Setup

Before configuring the Gruntfile you'll need to get a BitBalloon API access_token and do an initial manual deploy to create the site.


The grunt-bitballoon task is a multi-task; meaning you can specify different targets for this task to run as.

A quick reference of options

  • token - (string) Your BitBalloon API access token
  • site - (string) The URL of your BitBalloon site
  • src - (string) Directory to deploy

By default the plugin will look for BB_TOKEN and BB_SITE environment variables. You should always keep the access_token out of your Github repository either by using environment variables or by using template strings as in the example below.


Template strings in grunt will allow you to easily include values from other files. The below example demonstrates loading BitBalloon settings from another file, Where grunt-bitballoon.json is just a json key:value file like package.json.

This is important because you should never check in your BitBalloon token to github! Load them from an external file that is outside of the repo.

  bb: grunt.file.readJSON('./grunt-bitballoon.json'),
  bitballoon: {
    options: {
      token: '<%= bb.token %>',
      src: 'dist'
    dev: {
      site: ""
    prod: {
      site: ""