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1.3.0 Change Log

Bug Fixes

  • Restore hex to getrawtransaction vout scriptPubkey.

1.2.0 Change Log

Dependencies & Software

  • Miniupnpc 2.0.
  • Latest config.guess & config.sub.
  • Univalue brought in from upstream.
  • Secp256k1 brougt in from upstream.


  • The build system is now integrated with leveldb.
  • LevelDB update to 1.18.


Various changes have been made to bring the codebase up to C++11. This means that you will need a compiler with C++11 support, namely GCC 4.7 or higher, or Clang 3.3 or higher.

When cross-compiling for a target that doesn't have C++11 libraries, configure with ./configure --enable-glibc-back-compat ... LDFLAGS=-static-libstdc++.

Build System

A lot has been modified in this release.

  • Alternate fallback downloads.
  • Fixed checksum checks.
  • Host and build id for salting.
  • Check for QRencode.
  • Enable hardening.
  • Various Makefile fixes.
  • Removed old Qt Makefiles.
  • Some m4 scripts updates.

Code Sync Effort

  • Random: section off to random.cpp, bring in support code for random.
  • Add main-specific node state
  • Base58 is closer to upstream.
  • Add: support/pagelocker.
  • Add: allocators/{secure.h,zeroafterfree.h}
  • Add: compat/sanity, init calls glib sanity check
  • CMedianFilter: Move to timedata.


  • Qt: Rework signals & slots, makefile.
  • Qt: Add windows shutdown monitor.