@BitCoinONE1 BitCoinONE1 released this Sep 9, 2018

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Beta test the next 14 days - Only send small amounts.

We have tested but for an extra security, we start with beta the next 2 weeks.

ONLY for BitCoin ONE and Ethereum, not other ERC20.


Download the Windows Wallet

Click on the BitCoin ONE Setup 1.0.0.exe

Then it will install automatically and you are good to go.


Remember to save your seed words a secure place.

So Export your seed words and export your private key and not only on the PC.

We recommend 2 places.


  1. You can send and receive BTCONE with the Wallet
  2. You can send and received ETHEREUM with the Wallet
  3. The wallet has an integrated QR-code which means you can also send with QR code
  4. The wallet has an integrated price tracker for Ethereum and BitCoin ONE

If you see any errors or things that need to be fixed please contact the developer here:


Have fun and enjoy

@BitCoinONE1 BitCoinONE1 released this Aug 17, 2018

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BitCoin ONE Desktop Wallet for MAC OS

You can with this Desktop Wallet easily transfer and receive BitCoin ONE BTCONE.

Further, you can track the price directly and send/receive Ethereum on it.

ONLY supports BitCoin ONE and Ethereum, not other tokens.

Download the .dmg file for MAC OS


Remember to write down your Seed Phrase.

Aug 17, 2018
Initial commit
Aug 17, 2018
Initial commit