DFXML metadata transform scripts for use in the BitCurator environment
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DFXML metadata transform scripts for use in the BitCurator Environment. These scripts are optional; they are not required to build, run, respin, or distribute the BitCurator distro.

Legacy Warning

This is a legacy repository retained for informational purposes. It is not currently maintained.

Extracting Schema Metadata into a CSV

The xslt/schema2csv.xsl script can be used to produce a CSV file with a row of information for each element extracted from the XML Schema definition file. See the csv/dfxml.csv file in this repository for an example.

$ xsltproc xslt/schema2csv.xsl dfxml.xsd

The script produces values for the following columns:

  • Tag name
  • Element name
  • Description
  • May contain
  • May occur in
  • Attributes
  • Allowable values
  • Repeatable?
  • Mandatory?

The "Example" column is present, but the script will not place any content there due to the lack of examples in the source XML Schema.


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Unless otherwise indicated, software items in this repository are distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, Version 3. See the text file "COPYING" for further details about the terms of this license.

In addition to software produced by the BitCurator team, BitCurator packages and modifies open source software produced by other developers. Licenses and attributions are retained here where applicable.