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Squirrel Lighting Controller

Brief Description

A network of ESP01 modules controls overhead lighting brightness and temperature based on input from exterior lighting, interior motion detection, pressure from a bed or chair, and audio input. Manual overrides of these values are also possible.

Get Started

  1. To edit these sketches, you must first install Arduino IDE.
  2. Add the ESP8266 board option to your IDE (
  3. Check that the custom ESP8266WiFi libraries are available (they should be)
  4. Install any external libraries using the ZIP library selection.
  5. Install custom libraries, in Libraries folder.
    • On Windows, copy to %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Arduino\libraries\
    • On MacOS, copy to ~/Documents/Arduino/libraries/
  6. Choose the Generic ESP8266 for board type.
  7. Compile a blank sketch to see if it succeeds.

Code not compiling in a production branch? Double check that you have the most recent versions of the custom libraries, as these may update frequently. You must manually install these.

Please note: Never store passwords in the repository unless they are used for authentication between bodies of code within this repository. External passwords present a security risk when placed in a public repository.

Flashing Firmware

  1. Have the compiled sketch in Arduino IDE.
  2. Hold GPIO-0 to ground (or use button with pull-up).
  3. Momentarily ground RESET (or use button with pull-up).
  4. Release GPIO-0 back to high state.
  5. Select Upload from Arduino IDE and wait for completion.

Custom Library Code

To ease in the simplicity of custom library code, libraries may be developed inside a sketch folder. Once these libraries are trusted and usable, they should be given a descriptor and installed like other Arduino libraries. Eventually, we do not want code copied between sketch folders, but during library development that will be ok.


A microcontroller-based smart lighting control project






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