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import csv
import sys
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
import logging
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
# Both the files outputFrom_bom2csv and jellyBeanFile were opened in
# This function returns a file that has modified the PN field if the component within the outputFrom_bom2csv file was a Jelly Bean part.
# The return file is an intermediate file that is used as input into scraping Digikey web pages.
def replaceJellyBeanParts(outputFrom_bom2csv,jellyBeanFile):
# Read the list of "jellybean" manufacturers parts from the Jellybean csv file.
# ****-> I assume the csv file has three columns named Category,Value,MFR_PN
# *** -> WARNING <- *** The last time I ran bom2csv (Feb, 2017) the names were comp_PN,Value,PN....this will fail. This could be made more robust. But for
# *** Now I'll put in warning code in the debug output.o
# (First 3 rows) Example jellybeen csv file format:
# Category,Value,MFR_PN
# C,.1u,CL21F104ZBCNNNC
# C,1u,TMK212BJ105KG-T
# Create a set that contains the unique category name. For example,
# Capacitor is a category named 'C' the parts_csvfile would have multiple parts associcated with 'C', e.g.: - 1u, .1u, etc.
uniqueCategories = set()
with jellyBeanFile as csvfile:
csvReader = csv.DictReader(csvfile)
for row in csvReader:
logger.error('ERROR! Check the Jellybean csv file. Make sure header labels are Category,Value,PN')
# Read the BoM file created within eeSchema into Beautiful Soup
# I noticed the kicost code used the lxml parser. This wasn't installed on my Mac. I saw it discussed in the Beautiful Soup documentation:
# (see Installing a parser).
# I ran easy_install lxml and was treated to - Could not find function xmlCheckVersion in library libxml2. Is libxml2 installed?
# Perhaps try: xcode-select --install ... which I guess installs XCode command line utilities? Once I installed, the lxml parser compiled/built/installed...
# I don't thoroughly understand the install process but it worked.... so...I continue. More details on error installing lxml on Mac OSX is discussed:
# The BoM file created by bom2csv in Kicad is in XML. The root variable contains oll the XML that is in the file.
root = BeautifulSoup(outputFrom_bom2csv,"lxml")
# Some components in the schematic won't have part numbers. These need to be removed from the root variable.
# if the field value for the PN is not X, it must either be a digikey/manufacturer part # or one of the categories in the jellybean parts csv file.
if (pnFieldIsEmpty(root)):
sys.exit('Please fix up the PN field for the component')
# Loop through each component that is in the eeSchema BoM file
for c in root.find('components').find_all('comp'):
# If there are any User Created Fields (which would be tagged as fields),
# see if one of the fields (tagged field) is named 'pn'
# NOTE: I "hard code" the field to be named pn... this could be more flexible.
# However, since I'm doing this for myself, I'm not concerned with making
# the name of the field that has the manufactuer's part number to be generalized/more robust.
for field in c.find('fields').find_all('field'):
# field['name'] -> this equals 'pn'
name = (field['name'].lower().strip())
# If a 'pn' User Created Field was found,
# check if it points to using a generic manf. part located
# in the parts_csvFile
if name == 'pn':
pnValue = (c.find('field').string)
# If the PN value is X, this component should be ignored from the BoM. This means
# removing the component from the modified BoM XML file.
if pnValue == "X" or pnValue == "x":
# If the part number is in a category within the jb file..
# Say for example, the string is 'C'
if pnValue in uniqueCategories:
# Say for example, the value is .1u
value = (c.find('value').string)
# Go to the beginning of the csv parts file
# Look for the row in the csv parts file that matches the Category and value.
# First, use a boolean to figure out if a given PN value is in one of the categories of the JellyBean parts but there is no entry for the ref
# value. e.g.: PN = R (so a Jellybean part) R5=4k7boo (there is no 4k7boo part number in JellyBean parts).
didNotFindJellyBeanPart = True
for row in csvReader:
if row['Category'] == pnValue:
if row['Value'] == value:
# Pull out the manufacturer's part number that will replace the Category string (e.g.: "Capacitor")
mfr_pn = row['PN']
# Modify the xml object by replacing the jellybean part reference to a manufactuer's part number
c.fields.field.string = c.fields.field.string.replace(pnValue,mfr_pn)
didNotFindJellyBeanPart = False
if didNotFindJellyBeanPart:
ref = c.get('ref')
logger.error('Error! Component '+ref+ ' is a Jellybean part. The value: ' + value + ' is not in the Jellybean parts csv. Clean up eeSchema...bah bye')
# Make sure to tell Beautiful Soup to encode in Unicode. If not, there is a high likelihood of getting an error similar to this:
# UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xa0' in position 29828: ordinal not in range(128)
# on write.
modifiedXml = root.prettify('utf-8')
# BUG: UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xa0' in position 29828: ordinal not in range(128)
# on write.
# V 11-2017: Changed "w" to "wb"
# See:
with open('modified_outputFrom_bom2csv.xml',"wb") as modifiedXmlFile:
return modifiedXml
# All components in the Kicad schematics must have the pn field set with a valid value.
def pnFieldIsEmpty(root):
# Loop through each component
pnFieldIsEmpty = False
for c in root.find('components').find_all('comp'):
# The whole kahboodle falls apart if the PN field of a component is not filled in with either a generic component name from the jellybean parts csv or a
# digikey/manufacturer part number. If one wasn't entered in eeschema, the name field won't exist within the bom2csv xml. If that is the case...error...
if (c.find(attrs={"name":"PN"}) == None):
logstr = 'Check if there is a value for the PN of component {}.'.format(c['ref'])
pnFieldIsEmpty = True
return pnFieldIsEmpty
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